SEGA: When will there be a rereleased of PDSAGA?

Can anyone here ask the SEGA co. if they’ll still make copies of PD saga for the sega saturn? I think it would be easy for them now that they are concentrating on the game developing and not on console developing! PD SAGA is really hard to find now a days I love that game. I’ve posted a message on regarding this info but I think the people with higher position in SEGA haven’ty read it yet PLEEEAAASSE have a re-release of PDSAGA on saturn I’m sure many people with sega saturn will apprteciate it

Not gonna happen.

Not EVER going to happen. >.>;; The Saturn’s been dead since 1999. And well, it doesn’t happen that console developers suddenly re-release games for consoles that they’ve discontinued game development for years ago(I don’t exactly see Nintendo suddenly releasing another badge of Ocarina of Time for the N64 for example). Your best bet would be to beg for a remake/rerelease of the game on your preferred current console. But I don’t even see that happening.

In any case, 't would’ve been best if you got a copy of the game when it was first released back in '98. ^.^;;

The best bet like Pedro said was for it to be remade / rereleased on a current console, if they ever made another PD RPG they could have Saga come with it like they did with Orta and PD.

Go search ebay constantly…although that all depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

Like everyone has said they’ll never release it again…and even if they do release a new PD game it’ll never be like Saga. So I wouldn’t be getting your hopes up anytime soon. :anjou_sigh:

Yeah, it’d be great if it was remade for a modern console, but I can’t see an incentive for that.

As Berserker said, your best bet would be eBay. My copy would be worth more if it still had the outer plastic sleeve. I’m sure it was my mum that threw that away, and not me… :anjou_sigh:

Is that on the game box? Or that box that held all the game boxs in?
Mines in pretty good nick…bet the person who sold it to me is kicking them selves now :anjou_happy:

Last American ebay price for PDS I saw:

$500…starting bid :anjou_wow:

[quote=“Berserker”]Go search ebay constantly…although that all depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

Like everyone has said they’ll never release it again…and even if they do release a new PD game it’ll never be like Saga. So I wouldn’t be getting your hopes up anytime soon. :anjou_sigh:[/quote]

Someone from this forum called me PD fanboy the other day…

:slight_smile: Saying Saga will never be beaten as a game is foolish.Everything can be outbeaten even if it’s only in the graphic department.

[quote=“Berserker”] Last American ebay price for PDS I saw:

$500…starting bid :anjou_wow:[/quote]

I’d slit my throat for a PD saga. But if I do, I won’t enjoy playing it anymore do I? :anjou_happy:

I have an original japanese copy of it but for my demise only disc 3 & 4 survived because disc 1 & 2 has a nasty scratch on tha data side :anjou_sad:

I think we’re all agreed that all of the Saturn Panzer games have been beaten graphically! :anjou_happy:

I actually know next-to-nothing about games, but I’m sure you’re correct; there have probably been many equal or better games released since.

But there’s nothing like playing Saga after not having done so for a while; it’s such fun! At least until you get to the Underground Ruins of Uru… :anjou_sigh:

But just think, after those it’s fun again!

:anjou_happy: Yeah, 'cause you get thrown right back into the action with the Energ and Basilus battles, and after that the game gets even more exciting.

That’s our reward for spending ages in those darn Ruins!

The adjective “many” used in this context is an oxymoron. The percentage of people out there who still own a working/often used Saturn is like…6% of the overall market? SEGA have already got into enough financial difficulty creating games for the Niche market (not to mention the non-cultural dopes who don’t “get” some of their greatest games).

PDS has about a 0.4% chance of being re-released.

So what is the current Ebay price for a US copy? It seems to be hovering about 150 to 175 dollars?

So far a “buy now” copy doesn’t exist…and I don’t blame them.
People are pretty dumb…someone sold $30,000 worth of credit card debts the other day.

If you find it under $200 thats not bad compared to what I’ve seen it at. There are a surprising amount of fans out for PDS…some crazy peeps who’ll go to any extent just to get it. Personally I don’t blame them. Yes, the graphics etc etc can be outbeaten, but so far I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a game as much as PDS. Shining Force III came close, but PDS won.
Isn’t the whole reason we play a game for the joy and fun of playing?

Thats where I bought my copy for $200 just last August, and I recieved it in excellent condition. It matters though how good the copy is that they have used. There is always another copy poping up on that site every couple months around that price for everything (Booklet…etc…) . But it always dissappears quickly.

I remember I went to buy the game in June right before I left for England and and that previous day they had it in stock and now it was gone. I was furious, and had to wait until it was back in.

If you can, sign up for an email notification for when another copy comes in. Great site in general, many classic games and fast shipping. Sadly, last I know (someone please confirm or deny this) they only ship in the US even tho they have many Import games.

Remaking PDS would be the single worst folly Sega could ever commit. The SF3 debacle would pale in comparison.

As I said before, if you want to play PDS–buy it on ebay. There’s always several copies there to be had. If you can’t afford it, it’s called saving up for it–try it. The game is easily worth $500…$200 is a steal.

Atleast we have a 0.4% chance, I’ll hold on to that and hope that sega would eventually read this thread and think about it :anjou_happy:

I saw a copy of PDS for 125 dollars as the buy in now price a couple of days ago but he would only ship to the US (no problem as my friend would receive it for me) but they guy would only ship to confirmed addresses and of course it was gone before he replied to my email.

On a related note, I understand the speech in PDZ is in Japanese? I might be able to struggle through if that is the case. How tex heavy is the game? My Kanji reading is pretty much awful to non existant.

Well, bearing in mind the track record Sega (love em as much as I do) have I think thats a bit of an overstatment. Thinking of only UK things the release price of the Saturn, the PAL conversion of VF3, The whole marketing campain of the Saturn and a load of other things spring to mind. Remaking PDS seems like a fairly smart move in comparison.

The PDZ “dialogue” is all in Panzerese.