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LOL, I don’t care about the last line the article says, I don’t think it will affect the industry in any way like that and sega has apparently from what this article says patented(sp) that type of play so it’s fair game not just a stupid attempt to cash in because someone made a similar game to theirs but they basically STOLE their patent and used it for their own profit.
Sony for example has patented the fighting type of one of their recent games, I forget the title, and it’s acceptable to patent that since they don’t patent a whole game genre but something very specific that they thought of.
If that’s acceptable (and to me it very much is) then it’s also acceptable to patent a new game grenre that you create and thats what sega did…
I hope EA gets bashed down good :slight_smile:

I’ll keep things short for now.

I don’t like it. I can see this severely limiting the industry if Sega wins.
As for the patent, there are loads of unfeasable and stupid patents out there. Messages in IM programs that tell you when the person you are chatting with is typing a response is a good example.

hey, i think i have to take Alex’s side on this one. I honestly doubt it will severely affect the industy, although in this case the amount of information we have is so minute that anything could happen really.

I think it’s no newsflash though that S:RR was clearly copying Crazy Taxi, and it should of course be obvious to anyone who isn’t a retard. I’ll laugh if EA denies their knowledge of Crazy Taxi’s existance.

In a case like this, I feel no pity for EA.

I love the way you put that. However, since Sega really isn’t popular anymore that automatically equates to non-existence in the minds of many. :slight_smile:

Personally, I think Sega should probably sue EA anyway, for the simple fact that EA had, let’s think, at least 4 Saturn titles that were canned become PS exclusives, and also how EA have gone so downhill in recent years it is almost funny.

EA’s online service is pretty crap…

Eh, the whole patent situation is becoming uncontrolable. I don’t mind the fact that Sega could be coming into some money though, that can only be a good thing.

True dat

EA is drowning in money.

That’s a pretty dumb lawsuit. You don’t see Id Software suing every company that makes a FPS.

Maybe they didn’t think to patent it :wink:
I doubt they were the first that made a fps as well, they propably just made the first fps that got popular.(Wolfenstein 3D was it?)
Plus lots of other games used a first person view before that game and also lots of other games were action games :slight_smile:
All they did was merge elements of games done before, but in what other game did you have to act as a taxi driver and take ppl to their destinations before? Sure you’ve driven cabs before, sure you’ve driven around in a third person/first person view before but when was that the purpose of the game before? It’s a very distinct style of play.
Either way I think it’s a fine lawsuit since the game is a total rip off rather than just the same genre. And it’s a very specific genre. It’s not just driving which is a very general thing, it’s a very specific game type…
FPS is still a very general category, just compare quake with Deus Ex 2 for example. Totally different games but both can be classified as fps.

S:RR is pretty crap anyway and I dont like EA all to much so I say go Sega.

I hate EA, the fact that their games are so generic and mainstream and always sell so well just goes to show the poor state the games industry is in at the moment.

At GAME we are slowly becoming an EA store because it’s the only third party company who can afford to litter our shop with stands and adverts for thier games.

For example, right now we have a specific three sided EA game stand. One side for EA Sports, one for adventure and one for Sims. Out the front of the shop we have standees for Need for Speed Underground and Medal of Honor : Rising Sun. Inside we have a standee for SSX 3 and also a game holder stand for HP: Quiddich.
And last but not least we have staff t-shirts of Medal of Honor, Fifa, Harry Potter, SSX 3 and Need for Speed. I refuse to wear them.

It’s too much but we can’t take the stands down even if we wanted to, not until EA stop paying GAME for them to be there!

And last but not least we have staff t-shirts of Medal of Honor, Fifa, Harry Potter, SSX 3 and Need for Speed. I refuse to wear them.

It’s too much but we can’t take the stands down even if we wanted to, not until EA stop paying GAME for them to be there![/quote]

EA t-shirts?!!? BLEH! I’m with you mate, I would refuse as well!

You know in the Matrix when agent Smith says “I hate this place, this prison, this zoo, this reality - whatever you want to call it”?

That’s how much I hate EA. Just pronounce the word “hate” in the same manner he did and you’ll get a nice picture of the extent of my hatred for that “large company”.

Blimey, they aren’t that bad o.o They’re just trying to make money.

The EA rep came into the store the other day…I just wanted to give her a slap…no matter how much she revealed her cleavage to me…hmm, or was that the Nintendo rep? I dunno… I wasn’t paying much attention to where they were from…

I couldn’t care less about EA.I don’t hate it.The only company I hate right now is Sega.(but I love it at the same time)…

That’s the company’s sole aim. At least Sega and other companies will do their best to create innovative games in the hopes they will become popular. EA simply takes the pre-existing preferences of gamers today, and makes those preferences real over and over and over again.

EA bought Westwood Studios in order to make money off of the “Command and Conquer” name for crying out loud.

Ditto. I have a love/hate relationship with Sega. The refusal to translate Shining Force 3 and the early demise of the Dreamcast has left me with mixed feelings towards Sega.