Sega snubs Xbox?

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Publisher reportedly chooses not to release OutRun2 and Virtua Cop 3 for the console.

The Japanese gaming magazine Dorimaga–by way of–is reporting that Sega has decided not to release its OutRun2 and Virtua Cop 3 games for the Xbox. This is surprising, given that both games run on the Xbox-based Chihiro arcade hardware, making a port a simple matter.

Is it true? Sega’s American publicity reps aren’t talking, telling GameSpot “our policy is to not comment on rumors.” However, a company insider told Dorimaga that the cost of producing a whole new light-gun controller for the Xbox made the Virtua Cop 3 port economically unfeasible.

As for OutRun2, the Xbox’s lack of popularity in Japan was cited as the motivating factor.

Can Sega afford to do this? I’m rapidly losing the faith here…

I’m begining to think that it would be better if I just rented a box to play PDO and LoK: Defiance (the two main reasons why I bought it).

Sega is a cruel mistress.

Sega is a shadow of its former self.

Still they did make Orta and Otogi Exclussive to X-Box…and Sonic Heroes is going to have an X-Box version as well…
There is also House of The Dead 3, Sega GT online (Which I think is also going to be exclussive to X-Box), Crazy Taxi 3, Gun Valkyrie, Sega Soccer Slam, Toe Jam & Earl III, Jet Set Radio Future, PSO 1&2 and others that already are/will be released on it…
So, no, I don’t think it’s that bad…not yet atleast.
Try this link to see info about the games mentioned above(where it says X-box game pages click and chose the game you want)
Some games mentioned aren’t there yet but they can be seen on the japanese sega site’s X-Box section which can be found here:
There is possibly more games announced and not yet on any sega site but I just wanted to say the definite ones so I only searched on Sega sites instead of game news sites and others.

To me it seems they concetrate on the PS2 because they really need the cash and even games that by PS2 standards don’t sell very well propably get more sales than the average GC/X-Box game…

About Outrun 2, I think the whole Sega 3D ages line up is PS2 exclussive… (that includes Golden Axe I’m afraid…)

Oh dear. We won’t get to play Golden Axe. I’m paralysed with the horror.

Sega should do everything within its power to guarantee its own survival but that doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning consoles and innovative projects, or does it?

After the demise of the Saturn I quickly turned my attention towards the PC gaming market. Sega tried to reshape its tarnished image by distancing itself from the Saturn which gave me little encouragment to buy a Dreamcast. I did, of course, but only for a few games (like Daytona 2001).

Cutting the DC loose long before its time was unforgettable in the eyes of fans, even if Sega had no other choice. If Microsoft abandoned the X-Box now – halfway through its lifespan – I’d feel the same.

I’ve lost hope in Sega. I had hoped its X-Box line up would strengthen Sega’s new role as a third party developer and yet Sega is concentrating on Japan and therefore the most popular consoles there at the moment, rather than any potential western audience. Sega is developing and marketing games for fans in places and on consoles that are guarantied to sell.

I have no problems with Sega seeking to survive so long as it upholds its own legacy of creativity. Let’s hope Sega can afford to be creative in the future.

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I like this article and the reason they give for not porting outrun 2 more :slight_smile:

And again it’s not like Sega has abandoned the X-box, it’s got two exclusive titles (maybe we can count shenmue2 as well since it’s the only alive console that has it) so far and a handful of other games and I’m sure more will follow as well… Maybe less than in the other consoles but heck it’s not just Sega that does that, it’s most developers, X-box doesn’t have as many games as the other consoles in general not just by Sega…
So why blame Sega and not blame Microsoft and their bad marketing and all that for the X-box not being a good console for companies to develop for instead of blaming Sega that they don’t make lots of games for it…

The X-Box is very popular everywhere but Japan. Japan isn’t the centre of the world but Sega is still focusing its efforts on the most popular consoles there. The X-Box’s faliure to sell in Japan is the reason Sega has all but abandoned it.

We’ll have to wait and see before judging Sega’s stance on the X-Box with any finality. The X-Box received Otogi and a sequel is now being developed. Let’s hope Sega develops Shenmue 3 and a new Panzer RPG for the console to prove me wrong.

Actually I think the games they have been making are quite OK.
They make the most for the PS2, then they make less for the X-box and then even less for the Gamecube (I think?)
That’s also exactly the order the consoles popularity was WORLDWIDE until recently.
Apparently After Gamecube’s price cut it is now outselling BOTH the PS2 and the X-box and that’s in the USA, NOT Japan…

Its really a shame the X-box isnt getting Outrun and Virttua Cop 3 because i’m pretty sure the ports would have been arcade perfect. Afterall i’m pretty sure those two games are on a xbox based arcade hardware. Oh well at least Sega released F-Zero GX to all us lucky Gamecube owners.

The problem is Sega’s current X-Box line up leaves much to be desired. The fact that Sega showcased so few X-Box games at the TGS shows where Sega’s priorities lie: Japan.

Someone prove me wrong.

Shame the X-Box wasn’t a universal success story in Japan because then this would be a different story.

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]

Shame the X-Box wasn’t a universal success story in Japan because then this would be a different story.[/quote]

But then did anyone really think the japanese would fall in love with the xbox? Sure it was a possibility…but unfortuantely thats not what happened.

I think in recent weeks the Dreamcast has been fairing better the Xbox. Speaking of that, did anyone here buy the recently released Border Down for the dreamcast?

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]The problem is Sega’s current X-Box line up leaves much to be desired. The fact that Sega showcased so few X-Box games at the TGS shows where Sega’s priorities lie: Japan.

Someone prove me wrong.

I suppose it doesn’t have anything to do with the 16 million user install base in the US, or the 13 million (I think) user install base in Europe for the PS2?

I don’t know. Does it?

If Sega chooses an outlet for a game with world-wide fans and appeal based solely on the frontrunning consoles in Japan, I for one would be very dissapointed.

And who says it has anything to do with Japan?

PS2 has nearly 50 million users worldwide.

Xbox? About 12 million.

Gamecube? About 10 million.

You do the math.

Who knows what the future holds for the X-Box or what Sega has in store for it? I will wait before giving a verdict on Sega.

Sega ain’t nothing special as a whole.To me the good part of Sega are some of it’s development teams.

This is why i own all 3 of the current consoles. This way i don’t miss a release.

Dammit, ever since the Saturn was released, being a Sega fan has been something like being in an abusive relationship. Sega keeps beating me down, but I find myself unable to leave it behind.

Maybe there’s some sort of 10-step program for me or something.