Sega make money

It seems Sega’s “target the mainstream” policy is paying off.


I don’t think Sega has sold out completely (yet), but we shall see.

Fortunately.It’s unfortunate that it’s mainstream…

I dont really get that much, but I’ll agree with whoever tells me to agree with them first

Don’t go that way.

Well agree its a good thing, if sega get money they have a chance at redemption. If they go bust its game over. Black and White.

they choice has been made! dun dun dun…I shall agree it to be a good thing.

I’m still wondering what games we’ll see from Sega in the future. I wonder if becoming a mainstream developer means Sega will abandon projects that haven’t sold well in the past.


I always rooted for Sega. But if they become Sony what do I do?

Think : why do I root for Sega?

The answer for me would be because I like their games.I would like Sony if I used to like their games but I don’t.The day Sega games suck,I won’t have a problem saying they aren’t worthy of my affection.

The Saturn was the first console I got. It rocked and the others seemed trivil to it’s self! this was back in the days when it was for sale in an argos cataloge:P I nearly got a PSX back then…luckly my mum was the only one who voted for the Saturn out of it, the PSX and the N64…just imagine…I might have a PS2 right now if I had got a PSX…I might have been more popular back in primary school though:P

I stood by my saturn all the way… oh the arguments with sony fanboys…



I stood by my saturn all the way… oh the arguments with sony fanboys…[/quote]

I also stood by the Saturn in school, despite being one of only two people in the whole year to actually own one.

The other Saturn owner started to blame ME when the machine’s life was coming to an end because I recommended it to him for a Christmas present lol

Is it safe to assume that one’s loyalty to a console manufacturer is set in stone the moment you buy your first console from them?

My progression went like this:

Mega Drive --> Saturn --> Dreamcast --> Xbox

See a pattern there?

If I bought a SNES or a PS instead I’m sure it’d be a different story.

Don’t get me wrong, I am open minded when it comes to buying a console, but I’m a sucker for SEGA’s games.

However, saying that, I’m really tempted to buy a Gamecube this Christmas, just for the quality games alone.

I’m open minded when it comes to buy games but not consoles…


I stood by my saturn all the way… oh the arguments with sony fanboys…[/quote]

There’s no denying the Saturn was a great console, but remember that many of its greatest games never left Japan. I could defend the Saturn far more easily if certain RPGs were translated.

Not to mention Radiant Silvergun.

makes a mental note to buy this game one day