SEGA/Headstrong were not working on JSR, but

The House of the Dead: Overkill exsclusive to the Nintendo Wii.

" Sega of America and Sega Europe reveal The House of the Dead: Overkill as a new Wii exclusive. It’s been under wraps at UK studio Headstrong Games (previously Kuju London).

Sega has already enjoyed success with ports of coin-op light gun game Ghost Squad and compilation The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return on the Wii.

The new game will be the company?s first original light gun-style title for the console, however, and the first mainline The House of the Dead game not to debut in arcades.

Previously created by in-house teams at Sega Japan, it represents a further example of Japanese publishers turning to Western developers for both new and established franchises - a trend which Sega has helped to pioneer.

The new game will be released in early 2009, with the new trailer and box art appearing to favor a grindhouse-style pastiche. The game is billed as a prequel to the existing titles and is set in small-town Louisiana.

?Paying homage to the pulp horror comics and films that inspired generations of gore fans, The House of the Dead: Overkill will expose gamers to a brand-new fleshy rollercoaster ride of revolting dismemberment,? said Gary Knight, European marketing director at Sega Europe. ?This is the hardcore Wii title you?ve been waiting for.?" … tory=19909

I don’t know how good the game will be (to me, it doesn’t look better than the HOTD3 port to the Wii) but this is certainly the right way to market it.

Of course, we can’t really know how worthy a lightgun shooter is until we actually play through it and no trailer would be enough to make the actual game look spectacular or impressive so having the trailer spectacular is the next best thing.

There’s always the Silicon Knights game left to unveil…

House of the Dead 4 hasn’t even been ported to the home consoles yet. Why are they creating a brand new one now?

Give it time.

When Nintendo release their 10 generation old graphics hardware powered sucessor to Wii it will be powerful enough to handle hotD 4 well :anjou_embarassed:

Sega is creating a brand new House of the Dead that is built from the ground up and not just a port… and you’re complaining?

House of the Dead 4 is pretty good, but my question is: will we see a 5th for the arcades. I am guessing so?

Sega are still pretty strong in the Japanese arcades unlike here where it’s all dead.

I think they recently unveiled a special edition of 4 arcade with some extra stuff like mini games…

I have to admit, HoTD4 was quality. A bit cartoony still but that’s the nature of the beast I suppose.

I just hope this Wii game will be up to par gameplay wise. It’s a home game only apparently so they really should try and add to the replayability and gameplay depth, somehow.

I haven’t played Umbrela Chronicles yet but what do you guys think of the ability to be able to slightly look around? I think it wouldn’t fit HotD much, perhaps even be annoying when a zombie gets a hit in not because you were slow shooting but because you didn’t get it in view fast enough to shoot it before it attacks you. But other than doing something like that, I don’t know how you can enhance a lightgun shooter’s gameplay…

I guess it’ll all depend on how exciting they can make the main game and the different available routes. Maybe they can add different modes, like a survival mode that keeps throwing more and more enemies at you until you WILL lose just for a high score type deal, giving some special weapon when achieving certain scores, throwing in the odd boss remix, etc.


Sega is creating a brand new House of the Dead that is built from the ground up and not just a port… and you’re complaining?[/quote]

If The Arcade game was dire it would be fair enough, But I loved the Arcade version of HOTD IV and its music score was sublime. It would be nice if SEGA ported the Arcade version as well .

Are you talking about House of the Dead 4: Special or House of the Dead EX?

EX is not a version of 4, rather, a whole new game.

House of the Dead 4: Special is a fairground machine with two monitors, where Zombies attack you from either side (with one monitor in-front and the other behind).

Anyway, I protest this as well, it’s not that I don’t want a whole new HotD game…

It’s that I *want *HotD 4, if you wanted a red hat, but got a blue hat instead, wouldn’t you complain?

Well a visually perfect HotD 4 is un-doable on Wii… and unfortunately the whole genre is effectively un-doable on 360/PS3. A true light gun requires a CRT display, and virtually no one has a direct view CRT capable of HD resolutions. Which means no gun game ports at all until MS and/or Sony get their own pointing devices out.

Well, it all comes down to level design. If there are enough visual cues, the zombies are timed right, etc, then I don’t see how it’d be a problem. This is simply a case of something “you’re used to” vs something “new.”

Yeah, still, there are PC lightguns out there :slight_smile:

Perhaps a PC port would work out, and it would certainly make money as a budget release (A la House of the Dead 2 and 3 XPLOSIV).

Namco did it with TC IV onthe PS3 . Ok its not perfect , but why SEGA doesn’t port its Arcade games to the likes of PSN I really don’t know . I can understand there no market for full price retail version of Arcade games , but a ?5 to ?10 quid download with just Live and rankings modes added . I think there’s a market for that and SEGA could make a killing on it .

Online PSN versions of SEGA Rally 1 and II would make millions alone imo, and I kill for a Live Co-Op version of Gun Blade NY

Are you saying they’re adding that gameplay element then? :anjou_embarassed:

Haha, I’m not saying anything :slight_smile: All I’m saying is that anything and everything in videogames comes down to implementation :slight_smile:

And concept… if you could implement the most amazing 3D model of a dog-turd ever and have a 100% realistic dog-turd simulator that simulates the chemical reactions that take place within dog-turd as it decomposes - but at the end of the day all you have is a turd… so to speak ;p

Depends on what you mean by concept. Most back-of-the-napkin ideas are pretty worthless. They’re fun to tinker around with and great when you let the boundless magics of imagination swirl the idea around in your head, but are completely worthless as an actual game until you have found the right implementation.

You can take a horrible idea and make it absolutely awesome through great implementation. Take a look at something as simple as Tetris. The basic idea is, “Wouldn’t it be cool if you could stack a bunch of different shaped blocks together?” (Being obtuse intentionally here.) But of course, as we all know, the implementation is absolute genius.

You could have a dog turd simulator that was actually quite fun. I’m not going to be arsed to think about a potential design that could make dog turd fun, but I bet you if you found the right implementation, you could have something funny and compelling.

Ha, so, according to previews from GC, they do use a RE: UC like view turning mechanic, though I like how it sounds after all :stuck_out_tongue:

The demo had 2 weapons to switch between at any time, an SMG and a magnum pistol with varying reload speeds. They also have chain combos so I guess mixing up your strategy of which weapon to use when and which power up (slo mo!) to activate will add to the replay value of trying to get the highest score. Also, I’m glad the whole Grindhouse-esque looks weren’t for the trailer only, that filter is in game :smiley: