Sega back in the game?

There seems to be exciting developments in the world of sega at the moment.

Firstly Sega announced a profit from it’s long struggling home divison business as well as Sammy’s ever popular pachinko side of things.They made $95.5M profit in the first quarter. … .html?.v=1

Then Sega announces this

Then comes news that Sega and Treasure are teaming up again for a NDS version of the popular BLEACH franchise.

And that they going to release a game based on APPLESEED manga/anime next year ya need a password for the site,hitomi to see a stunning but long loadin FMV.

I’m more excited about these games than i was with the E3 stuff that was officially shown. Is Sega ready to come out of the ashes and prove why they were the number one gamesmiths out there?

I can’t say I’m optimistic. Especially after seeing the screenshots of Sega Rally 2005, I just kinda don’t think Sega have ‘it’ anymore.

Project J, hmm…? I don’t know any franchises or characters that Sega have produced that commence with that letter. It’s certainly piqued my curiosity - that’ll be one to watch.

As it is, it’s good to see Sega managing to find their groove again. Financial success takes us a step closer to the next Panzer Dragoon game, Shenmue III and all of the titles we know and love, and financial success is also an indicator of the company’s popularity increasing and hopefully indicates that the scars of the grievous stigma of the Saturn are fading away, which is beneficial for all interested parties.

I wouldn’t call this “back in the game”.

What’s so different about these titles than what Sega has done in the past?

It’s not the first time they team up with Treasure, they did a few GBA titles for Sega.

And it’s not the first time a new game is announced with little details as to what it’s going to be.

It’s good to see they are finally having profits though, I just don’t see anything different about the games you mention than what Sega has been doing the last few years.

I totally agre with Al3x.

Al3xand3r, you dont like Sega anymore? I guess i can agree with you too… Sega hasn’t been doing its best anymore… crying

I’m just being a realist and don’t jump up and down in joy everytime Sega announces something no matter what that something is.

I look forward to some things they are doing, mainly next-gen stuff but I want to see how Phantasy Star Universe will shape up as well. I’ll of course be sure to see how this J game ends up too.

Still Sega has a long long LONG way to go to restore their former glory…

oh… sorry, ill stop posting :anjou_sad:

I wouldn’t waste time speculating about Project J, because it’s not going to be something you can guess.

And Goonboy… Aside from Project J, those are all licensed titles. Why are you excited about licensed titles? I could be mistaken, but weren’t you one of the guys here proclaiming that licensed titles were the bane of your existence?

I never said that. I have always said that Sega should do a bit more licensed games since most of the time they really do them justice. So let’s not put words in my mouth.

Problem is first they have to acquire the license, and for that you need money, or a license holder who likes your company alot, but usually, companies with alot of money coughEAcough get the shiny licenses.

Hence, “I could be mistaken…”

I wasn’t sure if you had said that or not. :wink:

They don’t, and they never will.

[quote=“U K Narayan”]

They don’t, and they never will.[/quote]

I agree, they can try all they want; but i’ve moved on.

Geez it seems people are against sega again after that whole E3 charade. And i thought i was the only one around here that wasn’t impressed over E3.

This time it’s different. This info is coming directly from Sega japan themselves and not any of their clueless lackeys. It just indicates that Sega is finally ready to show what exactly they have been working on in the last three years and APPLESEED and PROJECT J is just the tip of that. That’s the reason i’m getting excited and i hardly jump of any new Sega info unless it’s concrete.

It is intresting that Sega is actually concentrating more on Manga/anime licenses than they use to but that’s because they were looking for some good returns in their home market which recently paid off for them.

Besides PROJECT J is something to look foward to in the identiy of the game.

Just don’t get too excited. Matrix Online, anyone?

Which proves my point and also proves you weren’t paying attention. I said this news is worth something because it’s coming from Sega of Japan directly and not their lackeys who share the same name. it was Sega of America that deemed the Matrix Online was more important than PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE as an announcement. Now the last time i checked Sega the real Sega was based in Japan and not america or europe,so anything coming from them is worth a hill of beans than the others.

You’re right, I’ve not really been paying attention. However, Sega is Sega, regardless of whether it’s SOA or SOE or SOJ. You say that this is worth something because it comes from SOJ, but SOJ are the root of all Sega’s problems. The future of gaming will be decided in the Western markets, and SOJ is just out of touch with that.

And, regardless of where the news came from, they are really not exciting news… Sure J may end up exciting but with Sega’s recent trackrecord I’d say that’s just wishful thinking (I’d be happy if it did happen though). And, again, the rest games aren’t anything different from what Sega has been doing in recent years so it doesn’t matter if they were announced by SoJ or SoA or whoever… It’s nothing that gets Sega “back in the game” any more than what they have been doing in recent years.

Not to mention that Treasure also seems to have lost their touch (or they get too little funds for their games now) what with the major let downs that Guardian Heroes Advance and Astro Boy (and I think one more title which I can’t remember now) were. Astro Boy is especially painful since it could have been amazing… Guardian Heroes was doomed the moment they decided to make that crappy battle system and ditch the “planes” shifting (foreground, background etc) of the original. I hope they get their act together with Gunstar Super Heroes and Bleach. The latter reminds me a bit of the original Guardian Heroes for some reason… But I doubt it will be something amazing, probably just a good or great game at best, but not a system seller (except for fans of the anime).

(The edit was for typos correction in the 1st and the addition of the second paragraph)

You assume that Sega of America had full control over what was announced about PSU at E3. SOA likely does not have control over properties not created internally, and any and all information is likely handed to them and told, “Do something with this.”

Tell me: how much hype would you generate if your biggest title (assuming PSU was pushed as the biggest title at that E3) was nothing more than a minute of pre-rendered CG that said nothing about story, gameplay, or release date?

Answer that, and you may get a cookie.

In addition, you compare Matrix Online and PSU. Point 1) Matrix Online has been released and judged. Point 2) PSU has not. How is it you are comparing these two titles again?