Scott: The Musician

ok i have gone from an art/drawing phase* to a musical phase!
At this current time i am listenign to “A Premonition Of War” and its SO GOOD I cannot emphasise it enough. (I am almosy crying in amazement while listening to this OST) I decided to listen to it after browsing through my files and coming across a midi of it (avaliable on this site i think)

  • I am by no means out of my art/drawing phase though :slight_smile:

Well having recently aquired a midi composing program, i have decided to make music =D

After having a quick go with the program I created this little 2 minute piece (not based on anything)

So now I want to create a panzer midi in the hope that it could be placed with the others on TWOTA =D (I’ve always wanted to be on the site somewhere ^_^)
But i do not know what people would liek to hear midified… so chosoe somethign! nothing to hard please for I am only a beginner…
Thansk :slight_smile:

P.S Solo - if it turns out crap… don’t hesitate to tell me so and not put it up =P i’m not expecting much

I like the Madbeat midi. But I think it needs some percussion comming in around halfway through; only my opinion however.

As for the Panzer Midi, I would really like to see one of the music that is played in the main menu in Panzer Dragoon.

Atolm’s theme… no doubt about it! :slight_smile:

Also, Pure Blood Seed, Imperial Airforce, and By the Source of the Protective Flame could make great MIDIs.