Scary things... (18+)

Okay, I’m alone in my house apart from the dog at the moment, and somehow the kettle just brought itself to the boil. Either that, or I have a worse memory than I initially thought. What’s more is that I never normally have reason to boil a kettle of any sort!

Eek! :anjou_wow:

Anyone else have any freaky things happen to them recently or in general? Now I’m concerned - but more for my mental health than anything else. :anjou_embarassed:

hides in corner whimpering

Maybe someone else left it to boil before leaving the house. :o Oh well.

Well, y’know…

Okay, we have this porch-light that comes on when someone walks by from all the way to the sidewalk and stays on for 5 minutes. I had to state that otherwise I’d have to later and I’d forget, anyways, 2 nights ago, our doorbell rang. So I got up and answered it since no one else was going to. When I opened the door, no one was there and the porchlight wasn’t on. Also, the other day when I was at the church alone (I work there), I walked by the Pastor’s office and saw a hand typing on the keyboard through the window when I glanced. It seemed that the light was on everything. But when I opened the door, the light was off and no one was in there. I guess I have bad luck when I open doors because that seems to be the time things like this happen to me lol :anjou_happy: . I know the thread said 18+ but I didn’t see why there was an age limitation so I went ahead.

Ha ha, sounds ominous! :anjou_wow:

And by the way, the 18+ thing isn’t serious. :anjou_happy:

How about finding out as you enter class that the midterm you thought was in 3 days and haven’t even begun studying for is actually today. Now that’s really scary.

Dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit ****.

Sorry, never mind, carry on with your topic. I’ll be wimpering in a corner.