We’ve had a discussion about this game back when it didn’t even have a name, but at E3 2018 Sable received a impressive trailer showing a very faithful 3D reproduction of Moebius’ art style:

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Definitely keeping an eye on this! They certainly nailed the art direction. But I wonder what the gameplay is like? Puzzles, exploration? Or something more simple like Journey, where you go from point a to point b on a confined but somewhat open path…

Same, I am very curious about this game and how it is going to play.

Since it will be an xbox exclusive, I don’t know if I will have the console by the time it releases. I got a 4K screen recently and was planning to also get a X1X but I still haven’t been able to commit to the budget for this beast…

Damn…Guess I’m not playing it then…It’s not coming out on pc?..

Ow, I forgot about PC. I am not sure, it might actually come on PC since MS acquired the rights to the game, possibly the studio ? cannot remember.

Ever since I first saw Sable I was amazed with its look. It’s pretty much the only game I allowed myself any hype.

According to the developer it will be an exploration game where you go around and simply discover things. Also it will come out on PC, the game already has a steam page and should be out in 2019. Also MS didn’t acquire the rights to the game or the studio, they only showed it on E3 as one of the game that is coming. The game wiil be published by Raw Fury.

Also someone said that they’d love to see a Panzer dragoon game in this style and holy crap I’d love to see that. Like image the ruins of Uru or the village of Zoah in this style.

It’s not exclusive ? I might have been confused but if it’s not exclusive to xbox one, there is no reason this would not come out on PS4 then given how much bigger the install base is…

Well, that’s god to hear it’s coming to PC then!

Anyone have any new information on this game?..

Apparently the game is planned for a 2020 release and will be available on Steam. You can also join their Discord.

Some info from the page:


:black_medium_small_square:A WORLD OF ADVENTURE: Travel across a far-way desert planet on the back of your hoverbike to uncover relics of an ancient past.

:black_medium_small_square:A VOYAGE OF EXPLORATION: Meet nomadic peoples and assist with their quests to learn their stories, as they lead you to the far reaches and hidden secrets of the sand-weathered planet.

:black_medium_small_square:A QUEST OF SELF-DISCOVERY: Accompany Sable through this rite of passage as she learns valuable lessons of the clan, and the people and culture of her world.

Here is an article talking about the inspirations for the game:

“Kythreotis and Fineberg offer many sources of inspiration that played a part in arriving at the current style. Star Wars designs are mentioned (especially the desert environments), Moebius’ comics and concept work, and Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are all credited for the inspiration they provide.”

“we want to tell a more grounded story about the people in the game’s world and how they live their everyday lives”

“Nomadic cultures were inspirational in finding the right rhythm for the movement of the protagonist. “Nomadic cultures have very different practical concerns than we have - sheltering from heat, finding and maintaining clean water sources. This informs the way they navigate their environment, but also explains what values are important to them.”

"The book I thought the most of during this project is probably Always Coming Home by Ursula Le Guin. It’s about the people who live in California several thousand years in the future, and it draws very heavily from Native American culture. It’s just about the people and their history, it’s got bits of poetry in it, songs, stories, and I like the idea that the work is just an exploration of a people.”

“Sable is all about finding places the player hasn’t explored yet, people they are yet to meet or cultures and history they haven’t encountered. The overall aesthetic is geared towards this: it reflects the relative emptiness of the desert, with some of the details - the landmarks important for orienting yourself - really standing out on purpose.”

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Can’t wait for this! When is it coming out?

It’s coming out September 23rd!!!

Demo next week too

demo is out on steam

I dont know how into I am, maybe need to play it longer …

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I played the demo a bit, it seems great though graphically it has some weird stuff going on. It’s 30fps limited which the dev says is a design choice but I’d want a higher frame rate to at least be an option (note this is separate from the actual character/world animations being of even lower frame rate to mimic hand drawn animation, I think that’s cool, similar to what Guilty Gear has done since Xrd and now with Strive, but the actual game still runs at high framerates). The lod of different elements is kind of wack, a plant or whatever will change almost completely in size and orientation 2 or 3 times as you get closer in a very obvious way and shadows for secondary elements will pop in really close (even something as obvious as some vines you’re approaching to climb up). Other than that it’s beautiful overall and it plays pretty well for such an adventure (with presumably no combat or other elements, just pure exploration). I didn’t progress far (up to the beetles) as it seems this will be part of the main game and I’d rather not repeat everything, rediscover things like chests (I dunno if they were empty just for the demo) or whatever else, I’ll wait. Here’s another game I’ve been following that while very different rings similar, it got a short E3 trailer timestamped here:

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