Played the demo and competed it from start to finish. it was really boring… All I did was get a glide ability, collected 3 beetles for a little girl and scavenged around for 3 machine parts to build the hover bike. When you build the bike the demo ends. If all you do is complete fetch quests in the game I don’t think this is the game for me.

There are no puzzles and no combat. So then what is there? What will I be doing for the entire game? Just riding around and looking at things collecting items to give to people. Doesn’t seem like much of a game to me…

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that was kind of my take as well

While I can appreciate the pacifist goals , it would be nice if it was more a choice in playstyle, or then if the non-violence was replaced by something as compelling

I feel like while the art looks great in screenshots or even video, playing it, it feels sorta empty

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I mean a game like Journey worked so well because it was built on the interactions and co-operation of multiple players as you explored the world. So it was refreshing and felt like something unique and new. And a simple gameplay mechanic like hovering in that game was also enhanced by the other player during exploration. As you both gained momentum and elevation by teamwork. That game had a clear goal: exploration based on interaction with another player and the environment. Meaning, it introduced something new and was its own thing.

Sable is a confusing one, because I don’t know what type of game it is trying to be? It takes away almost all elements of the game it is trying to imitate while unlike Journey, adding no unique gameplay element of its own. For instance, it presents itself as an open world game mirroring many aspects of BotW/Legend of Zelda. Gliding, climbing, item collecting, etc. But then it places you in ruins or structures where all you do is press buttons to open doors or gates. So, you can get to the ruins, go inside the ruins, but there really isn’t anything to explore or discover aside from pushing a switch to open a new path…

The game takes away the most important part of those games which is: puzzle solving and fighting mechanics. The lack of these elements with no unique gameplay mechanic of its own, in a game that is derivative to begin with, makes me want those elements even more. It just ends up making the game imo feel empty or lacking in that regard.

I hope this comes to gamepass. I do love those visuals and its understated music

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The finished game is out now. Did anyone buy it?

NZXT made this nice Sable themed PC:

I have to say, I really like the art style of this game, and will likely pick it up eventually. It doesn’t bother me so much if it mainly consists of wandering around. Just to explore a world like this would be interesting.

The demo was pretty boring and from what I’ve seen from the reviews there really isn’t any kind of developing story as you progress. You just talk to npcs, so don’t know if their dialogue adds anything to the world. Without a developing story the game might feel a bit shallow.

The reviews say the puzzles feel the same in each location and there is no combat. And if you don’t like fetch quests this might not be the game for you. You’re basically sent out to collect things. So if you don’t like the landmarks this game might just feel like a chore to play with a pretty coat of paint…

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I got it in Gamepass. Its rather nice, but I won’t buy it myself. Thank GOD for Gamepass

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Never expected this. We might be getting a Sable movie or tv series. But, I’ll reserve my disbelief because we actually never got the Shadow of the Colossus or Beyond Good & Evil movies…

Has anyone beaten the game? Any other opinions on the quality of the games dialogue/story/gameplay?

Sable’s on sale for Halloween 20% off. I went and got it. Going to play it soon. Just thought you should all know before the sale ends:

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