Rocket Knight Adventures: Re-Sparked

I didn’t think we’d ever see a re-release of the classic Rocket Knight Adventures games, let alone physical releases, but here we are. There’s even a cassette tape of the soundtrack.

Too bad these appear to just be straight ports (no widescreen, etc), but I’ll probably pick this up in digital form on PC regardless.

It also includes the one-off comic “Last of the Rocket Knights” (confirmed by Josh Fairhurst) that was released as part of the UK Sonic comic series:

One of my favorite things about the Rocket Knight release is that I actually tracked down and licensed the rights to the Fleetway’s “Last of the Rocket Knights” comic book from the UK’s “Sonic the Comic” publication.

Most US Sparkster fans have never had the chance to enjoy it!

Rocket Knight Adventures did have quite an elaborate story for the 2D platformer of that era, so I’m curious what the comic book was like.