Return of the Turn-on topic

A while ago, we had a topic where you listed the things that turned you on (not necessarily in a sexual way). I feel that, with these new members, we might bring this topic back and get into their minds a little bit.

Anyways, long hair (on the head’s of FEMALE HUMANS) and necks turn me on a bit, as does just general happiness.

What’s your poison?

I don’t like poser girls nor do I like over serious ones : I lik 'em funky!Good mooded by nature.

Guys who don’t talk very loudly and very quick.

Guys who aren’t afraid of me.

So that limits me to prison escapees and mutes…

I like all sorts of stuff… I’m pretty open.

But as far as the personality of girls/other people in general go:

I like people that aren’t immature and have insights and opinions of their own. I like it when people are able to be open-minded.

I also like people that are completely open with their feelings and honest about other such things…

Hentai anime

lol, at least you admit it, d-man :slight_smile:

For an updated list of things that ‘turn me on’…

Sharp weapons
The ocean
Land-based animals with an even number of legs greater than 1 and less than 5
All sea animals that don’t look as if they want to kill you.
Snow/Snowboarding/Other snow fun i.e. frostbite
Wilderness (being out in the open with Mother Nature)
Watching Clouds
Watching stars (damn LA and our polluted skies… ",)
Spiritual existentialism
Guitar solos
Good lyrics
Long/Flowing/Cool hair
Good books
Different-ness (not meaning gayness… though gay people rock as well!)
Mini-golf with your friends and lots of sugar xD

Not Nevey then? =P

I’ll add mine tomorrow. Tired.

Funny, I just realized…

Hey Shadow! Do you realize we both know a girl whose nickname ends in ‘-ey’ now?? What a neat coinkiedink. Haha… I am easily amused…

:slight_smile: nodnod