Return of the Dreamcast

SEGA announced it will begin re-releasing original Dreamcast titles on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network later this year.

Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi will be the first two titles made available for download, with Sonic releasing first this fall. All Dreamcast games will include enhanced “high resolution visuals,” surround sound, online leader boards, and trophies and achievements.

HUMP HUMP HUMP. Cannot wait to see what titles are rereleased, may have to get SA.

Sweeeet. I may get SA as well.

Going to sit back and wait for Jet Grind Radio.

Jet Set Radio (and/or it’s Xbox sequel) would make a great XBLA title.

Games I’d like to see given another go on PSN and XBLA:

Chu Chu Rocket (this would make a great Arcade title, especially if they included online multiplayer).
Jet Set Radio
Sonic Adventure 1 and 2
Crazy Taxi 1 and 2
Ecco Defender of the Future (would be great in high res and widescreen)

Other titles that are less likely to appear:

Shenmue 1 and 2
Skies of Arcadia
Phantasy Star Online

I approve, but I probably won’t re-buy any games I already own (like Sonic Adventure or Crazy Taxi). Unless they’re enhanced in a significant way.

But I never played Ecco and would love to be able to give that a go. Plus my DC microphone is busted so maybe, just maybe… Seaman? :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d love for PSO to make a comeback, but I won’t expect it.

It’s about bloody time !

Can’t wait for Sonic Adv, hope the likes of Code veronica, Ecco, JSR, Alient Front Online aren’t too far behind . Would love to see Pen Pen up there too with 4 player online (a overlooked classic)

I think these are just Sega games, so we probably won’t be seeing the likes of Code Veronica.

I’d love see Capcom’s Powerstone games given a rerelease on a current generation console.

Seaman would make sense considering that a lot of 360 owners already have headsets. No need to buy a separate peripheral.

Power Stone 1 & 2 were put on the PSP as a collection Solo.

Interesting. I wonder how well it works on a small screen?

I’d like to see Powerstone 1 and 2 rereleased on a console, as they are the sort of games that work great with multiple players sharing a large screen.

I would give a big thumbs up for Powerstone 2. I’ve never played it but the first one is fantastically fun and being able to play in 4 player mode sounds awesome for a fighting game!

I have the PS collection for my PSP. It works pretty well, though the frame rate is halved.

Yeah I know, but I wish Capcom would put it up on LIVE . Its the best in the series, and one of the few games that I still play now and again on my DC .

Crazy Taxi may be mandatory if it ends up looking ‘right’.


Ooga Booga

I’d be totally cool with that.

Ecco would be sweet.

Depends on the average attention span of people using that feature.

Long live the DC.

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]Ecco would be sweet.

Depends on the average attention span of people using that feature.[/quote]

The original Ecco is already on Xbox Live Arcade, so that hopefully shouldn’t be a problem.

NiGHTS fans are pushing to get NiGHTS into Dreams onto 360/PS3. This is something that really needs to happen. I feel like NiGHTS is popular enough to be a hit on XBLA/PSN - plus it would open the door for other Saturn games (like the PD trilogy). CLICK THAT “FANS” button to vote!

There are tons of Saturn games I’d love to see on Xbox Live Arcade/Playstation Network. Panzer Dragoon trilogy, Shining the Holy Ark and Force III, NiGHTS, Guardian Heroes, Radiant Silvergun, the list goes on. Maybe they could emulate the games and “hack” in things like achievements for the games that no longer have source code available.

Speaking of Dreamcast games, I recently purchased the Xbox Live Arcade version of Soul Calibur. Somewhat disappointing compared to the Dreamcast version. Everything is already unlocked from the get go, and Mission Battle mode is absent. It may have been based on the Arcade version, but the Dreamcast version was clearly the better of the two since Mission Battle added a lot of variety to the game. Lets hope the Dreamcast titles from Sega live up to their original counterparts.

When I tried the Soul Calibur trial I just didn’t like the way it looked anyway. Dreamcast’s video output had a special quality, and it seems clear to me a linear port of the bitmap and lighting values just doesn’t work for the 360 and most digital TVs. Virtual-On as well, another game that used to mesmerize me, but just falls flat in the conversion, the color just isn’t hot enough. Whereas Rez HD clearly got reworked so the gamma feels true to the original aesthetic.

But I think I’m resigned to certain truths concerning Saturn games. In the first place the architecture was esoteric enough that even if a port up is viable it’d still be a much bigger headache than for almost any other system’s games. And secondly, aside from the existing faithful, the legacy opinion of the Saturn is that while the games may have been great the graphics were just “bad”. Regardless of the objective or even theoretical truth of that, I think there’s simply zero confidence in how a straight Saturn port may be received. … oad-titles

“It’s not that we have no intention of porting Saturn titles, so please share your requests.”

Yep, NiGHTS and Panzer Dragoon were ported, not to mention graphically enhanced . . . for Japanese PS2s only. [shakes fist]

The head of flat-out asked the guy on Twitter about his response was basically that he would be “up for the challenge” of porting NiGHTS for the West.