Ressurection Topic 3: Scariest moment

We all get scared from time to time. What’s the time in your life which you can say, without question, that you’ve never been as scared since?

Frightened also counts, so if it was at the cinema or whatever that’s cool too.

Once I had these bullies wanting to kick my Portuguese arse in middle school.

I knew that the real problem wasn’t the beating at school but the fact that they lived nearby.I was always scared when I walked on the street…

When I was chased by the cops.

Long story short - never park in a “no parking” zone.

When I was home alone and heard somebody trying to break through the front door.

I was in the living room at the time so I armed myself with the remote control and prepared for combat.

I heard the person enter the house and watched the living room door slowly open.

I was just about to launch the remote control in self-defence but refrained myself when I realised it was… my mum -_-

I think I was 10 at the time and nearly suffered my first heart attack.

Thanks mum.

The second scariest thing I ever experienced was watching the Terminator late one night. The bit where the terminator is chasing after Sarah Conner in the factory literally made me wet the bed 0_0 . I think I must have been 8 or something. Nice.

What about you Arcie? What’s frightened the living hell out of you? (Gehn’s appearance doesn’t count :stuck_out_tongue: )

It was about a year ago.

When I was young, there was a program on TV called “Knightmare” (I’ve probably mentioned it before). I used to crap myself at Knightmare, not only because the virtual reality hazards where quite scary, but also because of the “life force clock” which accompanied the adventurer.

I was sleeping the attic and all I could imagine in the dark distance (having a super-active imagination) was the skull from this animation floating around, circling me like a vulture. Once I managed to close my eyes for about 4 minutes, then woke up and, for some reason, there was a dark patch in my vision in the shape of a skull. I pretty much shat mysel’, as we would say in the UK.

Here’s the animation in question. It’s not so scary now. The bit that used to scare me was the part where it zooms in on the skull. … cefull.avi