Ressurection Topic 2: Your video game

Say you were given a Sonic Team style development team for an infinite amount of time, and you were asked to design a game with them. It didn’t have to be profitable, but it did have to be as fun and innovative as possible.

Describe the game you would create.

A remake of NiGHTS into Dreams.
In full 3D, with modern graphics and twice as many levels.

I’d make the first true time travel RPG. I don’t mean like Chrono Trigger, but rather a game where every action (or almost every action) you make in the game world would effect what happens in the future game world, so you’d have to be steathy if you went back in time, or it would change the course of the future in a huge way… none of this talking to people without it having a huge ripple effect on the future game world. You could plant a seed and time travel into the future and a tree would be there, etc.

The game be extremely differcult to create because it would be a large, non linear experience, but if it was ever created I’d want to give it a solid storyline as well with rememberable characters, although there would have to be quite a few endings for the illusion of changing time to work. Things would happen differently each time you played depending on what you did, so there would be lots of room for replayability.

Btw, has this idea been done before? - I haven’t played anything like it myself, but I thought it was a good idea.

I think something similar has been done in the PS2 game, “Shadow of Memories”, where you had to time travel a lot to prevent your own murder without messing up the time-space thingy.

Was that just in the game’s storyline or did the player actually have control over what he or she changed and effected in time?

I’ll make a mental note to play Shadow of Memories at some point.

The ultimate time travel game series is Legacy of Kain.That’s why the story is so beutiful.But yes everything is very linear.A game like that would be indeed something difficult Solo :slight_smile:

If I could I would a videogame that would be an Adventure/RPG game.With a sortta linear story (as in you can’t change the MAIN story) but with lots of branches in gameplay.Something like Fable but with a strong linear plot in it.It would be based in a conworld I am creating.

With it’s own conlanguages and completely original cultures.

Gameplay wise there would only be two naviagtional modes (one with a ride of some sorts and the other on foot).You could battle,talk,buy,do all sorts of things while on foot and the other mode would be simply to travel and maybe combat too…

But the big thing I wanted to do with the game is exploring the conworld’s greatness.

How?You would start as a stanger from a different region of the world.You had to learn your new language and writing.You had to learn their culture and stuff.This why the character would know as much as you in the begining so you basically where learning everything about this world fromt he very begining.

There would be no sorts of FMV’s : instead the graphics would be those of the game engine all along.They would be awesome tho :slight_smile:

Something I would like to do but I know is virtually impossible is constructing a world were you could go anywhere without any game map.You should use your ride but in the game you COULD go by foot.This way you would always discover something new.But I’m talking something progressive.You would actually travel # Kms to go to that city if you wished.


I recently picked up Soul Reaver 2 on PC. I must say that I am impressed with the storyline of this series, the sense of continuality is quite well done from what I have seen of it so far. I’ve also watched some parts of Defiance when my friend was playing on his PS2.

I can see why you like this series, Gehn :slight_smile:

You should at least echcek a site to read the basic story of Blood Omen 1 and Soul Reaver 1.

You can see all the beautiful little twists.Story wise this series is just the champion.

[quote=“GehnTheBerserker”]You should at least echcek a site to read the basic story of Blood Omen 1 and Soul Reaver 1.

You can see all the beautiful little twists.Story wise this series is just the champion.[/quote]

  1. The story may be, but Portugal aren’t.

  2. I’m stealing the word in bold for a fan-fic name. Sorry.

[quote=“GehnTheBerserker”]You should at least echcek a site to read the basic story of Blood Omen 1 and Soul Reaver 1.

You can see all the beautiful little twists.Story wise this series is just the champion.[/quote]

If I find the time to play further into the Legacy of Kain series, then I’ll do that, or maybe even play the games themselves.

well i have one idea for a game that would just be the craziest looking thing in existence… but i can’t reveal it right now… not just yet.

i’ll say that if i had sonic team backing me unquestioningly, i’d definitely make:

BRO. burning rangers online. what PSO should have been (if it were more action oriented rather than seeking to uphold the facade of still being an RPG).

you would enter an area in a team of 4 and you could either decide to stick together for co-op action, or split up to clear the area faster (maybe there’d be time trials to encourage splitting up once you had mastered it). i just like the idea of fighting along somewhere and then entering a room with a bunch of windows and seeing one of your buddies fighting somewhere else.

it happened a few times in burning rangers though it was always scripted. i also really liked it on the last level when you were paired with one of your team mates and you both worked together for a little bit.

has anyone here played burning rangers? BRO would be rad!

Why should I trust Sonic Team with my game?
I need Akira Yamaoka to compose the music. :wink:

I think it would be a MMORPG version of UFO - Enemy Unkown / XCOM - UFO Defense. I played this game for an eternity when it came out. g

I pay BR Online. With headsets talking to yer mates itd be the full realisation of the original concepy I reckon. As in, one of the most hyped things was the communication, HEY! you could have someone play navigator, their screen is a bunch of maps and they have to dictate instructions and implement a strategy to maximise civillians saved and stuff, and the team would have to keep feeding you info cos you dont know whats going on, thereby putting a great emphasis on team communication. Hell, I love the idea now