Resident Evil 1

I’m thinking about picking this up for the Saturn. Having a Saturn, Dreamcast, Xbox and PC, which sequels would I be able to pick up also?

You could buy the first three games for the PC, or buy the first game for the Saturn and Resident Evil 2 and 3 for the Dreamcast. Code: Voronica is the best Resident Evil game in the series before or after Resident Evil 2 depending on which story you prefer.

The new Resident Evil games including the remake of Resident Evil for the Gamecube have lost the suspenseful charm of the first four games. Don’t waste your time or money seeking to buy them.

I bought RE:CV for Dreamcast. It didn’t work. Dammit. It’s still in the pile of “CD’s to be resurfaced”.

It’s a really good game if you love the survival/horror genre. I’m not sure, but think a PC version is available now. You should be able to buy another copy for the Dreamcast for little more than a fiver now.

Would the Resident Evil games work better with a game controller, or PC controls?

Eh, get em for Dreamcast better, If I remember right the conversions weren’t that great…couldn’t even change resolution in resident evil 3 I think…
And Code Veronica hasn’t been released on PC, just DC and PS2 as far as I know atleast…
Don’t expect anywhere near as much atmosphere as in 1 in the next games. Especially in 3, it’s just an action game with zombies basically…(Still great fun tho and some neat features)
Code Veronica is still my favorite AFTER resi 1 :slight_smile:

How do they play, comparitive to Tomb Raider?

There’s less backtracking, but also less shooting. After all, with limited ammo you can’t shoot everything.

Hail to me who killed a Hunter in RE1 with a Baretta.

I have RE:1 up in my loft somewhere…it might be good just to get it for future collectance. I mean there are gonna be some nuts that will want a load of Resi stuff in the future and you’ll have the first one! It might be good to just have it…all depending on how much you can get it for. I heard somewhere that games are gonna be worth a lot in the future, like antiques, if they are kept in good condition.

On the previous post I meant the PC conversions weren’t that Great. On DC if I remember right they had same ps one graphics except sharper, no real differences…
They don’t play anythin like tomb raider. Much Much Better :slight_smile:
And the shooting thing arcie said applies only on resi 1.
In the next ones there’s much more action. Especially in Resi 3. It’s expected tho, couldn’t really be any other way…

I doubt they’ll be better than Tomb Raider in my eyes, because that game was almost perfect for me. I think I’ll pick up RE1, and if I like it get the others.

Well they are totally different games anyway, I don’t know why you even thought to ask how they are compared to Tomb Raider…
I myself found Tomb Raider 1 boring in it’s time…It was cool at first, sweet 3D and awesome levels etc but I was bored of it before I even finished it. I did finish it and even tried some of the sequels but the sequels were just more of the same and since I was already bored of that type of gameplay I gave up on them fast…
Resident evil 1 is quite outdated visually by now so if graphics affect your opinions on games then maybe you should try one of the later games first…maybe Code Veronica :slight_smile: It’s second best in my eyes and gets points for the sweet graphics which were the first graphix of that quality I ever saw. (It’s just ordinary gfx by now I guess but for it’s time it was awesome. Sweetest intro ever too. John Woo style :slight_smile:

I thought to ask that because Tomb Raider is the closest thing I’ve played to RE. Well, from looking at screenshots etc it is, yet if you say its completely different then there was no point in me asking.

Outdated visuals don’t bother me at all.

That’s a good point. I think a control pad is far more comfortable and more responsive for the style of gameplay.

You can pick up a copy of the Saturn version of Resident Evil for under a tenner on Ebay these days.

[quote=“Shadow”]I thought to ask that because Tomb Raider is the closest thing I’ve played to RE. Well, from looking at screenshots etc it is, yet if you say its completely different then there was no point in me asking.

Outdated visuals don’t bother me at all.[/quote]

Resident Evil cannot be compared to Tomb Raider IMO. The surroundings in Tomb Raider are entirely 3D, whereas Resident Evil 1,2 and 3 use pre-rendered (fixed) backdrops in every location. Your line of sight and sight angle will change depending on where you are in each.

The music in the Resident Evil games was always enough to catch me off guard. One moment silence will fill a location, the next zombies come crashing through a window accompanied by a typical horror-flick orchestra.

By the way, would anyone like to know the differences between the Dreamcast and Playstation 2 versions of Resident Evil: Code Veronica? The Gamecube version is actually a port of the “complete” Dreamcast original (which included the extra side quest with Wesker).

It never ceases to amaze me how the supposedly superior Playstation 2 hardware received an inferior conversion of a game developed for the “inferior” Dreamcast almost 2 years earlier. The PS2 port uses excessive motion blurring to camouflage a low frame rate, has broken light sourcing, and lacks the anti ailasing of the Dreamcast version which means the edges of every polygon within sight have all the smoothness of a jagged blade.

I feel like gloating in triumph.

Don’t bother. Fact is, the PS2 is still selling bucketloads despite having crap graphics, poor games and a shit design, whereas DC was born dead.



I have finally played, and beaten this game (well, the HD remasters of it and it’s prequel, RE0). Really enjoyed it, not so much because of the zombies and assorted creatures but because of the puzzles and inventory management. It really was a throwback to a different time in gaming. :anjou_love:


Lol. Timely. Did you find it similar to Tomb Raider then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also bash my past self for not being kind to TR for soome reason, I thought I’ve maintained 1 & 4 are ace.

Haha, yes it’s nothing like Tomb Raider! It’s hard to imagine what we were thinking 16 years ago but I can only assume I didn’t know it was all pre-rendered static backgrounds! What a noob right? :anjou_embarrassed:

See, I enjoyed TR4 mostly because of it’s Egyptian setting but I didn’t find it as fun to play a TR2 or TR3.