Mood: Angry.

Ok… The olympic games.Great, looked beautiful, i was enjoying it, blah blah. The thing I was looking forward to all day was see the Mauritius team walk out. Each country before it walked out. The commentry talking about their history, the flag holder etc. Mauritius finally appear, I watched, and as soon as they came. it cut off. And went to some british person talking about their flag.

What sht. I wait all that time to be gutted. I don’t get it. Why dhow it then?? Why not when the UK is walking out? f**ing BBC. What idiots.

England is a multi-cultural country, why can’t they treat everyone fairly, especially at such a big event. its always England England England. Its liek they don’t give a damn about anyone else.

Wow. The more I learn, the more I realize that Americans and Brits really aren’t that much different :smiley:

News outlets in any country tend to be ethnocentric, prioritising the majority of a country’s inhabitants above everyone else. It goes with the territory. A flood could wipe out a million people in China, yet the news in England will devote more of its attention to whatever is happening here first and foremost.

Yes, Britain is a multi-cultural country, but that doesn’t change the fact that a certain group of people with Anglo-Saxon/Norman blood running through their veins constitutes the bulk of the population. :slight_smile:

yeah Geoff, I understand COMPLETELY where you coming from, but i just feel for events like Olympics, World Cup, etc, they shouldn’t be barging England in front of everyone else (Opening Ceromony Foremost)

I’m not saying “Its stupid they should show england the same time as everyone else”, but with something like an opening ceremony, where each nation has their own liitle welcoming, i just think its unfair. Why not just put a who documentry before/after about the whole england squad.

England isn’t really a major player in major sporting events anyway. We rarely win anything anymore. For a country that’s so obsessed with football (soccer for you yanks), I’m surprised that England hasn’t won the World Cup since 1966.

I can… without United players they will be nothing XD