Rant Thread

I need one of these, dunno if anyone else does.
If you, please feel free to enter this circle of anger and let loose.

in my case, i am pissed at someone who lied to me, but me not finding out until 2 years later (ie now)

starts swearing at monitor

yes i am actually very angry


I’m still single. And NGB isn’t out for a month.

and relationships suck

I want to get a new piano-keyboard, but I need a job to get it.

I just pre-ordered Shadow of The Colossus, and it comes out in October!

I have to read “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens for British Literature, and it’s one of the slowest books I’ve ever read!

I am livid, so, therefore, I will attempt to play Halo 2 with Shadow.

That’s another thing. I play Halo with the “Southpaw” settings (walk with the right thumbstick, look with the left). Now I play Morrowind, and the ****ing controls do not have a Southpaw option! It took me AN HOUR to get used to the normal controls!

Sony’s marketing and slick console designs got to me and I bought a PSP

Turns out there are 5 dead pixels on its screen

Apparently, Sony only replaces the console if there are 7 or more dead pixels


(To be honest I love the thing, I’m just disapointed with the pixels thing… I didn’t buy any games yet but I’m using it as an MP3 and Video Player so far and it’s great with a very nice interface and design and stuff. Still pondering over which my first game will be… I hope Sega will make some nice games for it… Virtua Fighter Portable mmmm…)

^^ Virtua Tennis will have to do you for now I guess :S
Or if you were a UGA fan, get Lumines.

[quote=“Al3xand3r”]Turns out there are 5 dead pixels on its screen

Apparently, Sony only replaces the console if there are 7 or more dead pixels


wtf thats well out of order

can’t the shop replace it for you?? bug sony about it otherwise! i would

They probably could but don’t wanna… I noticed it about a week after I got it (damn they are tiny) and so they saw fit to simply refer me to Sony… And that’s what Sony Hellas said when I called…

Oh well, it’s not too bad… I’m not even sure if it’s 5 anymore because two of them can only really be seen under very specific angles and background color… But the three are 100% certain.

Thankfully only one seems like it could be visible under normal playing conditions (and definitely not the whole time, only when dark and not fast moving colors are behind it)… Still a little disapointed though…

It’s a nifty gadget either way… Great interface, usability with pictures/audio/video files, slick design, probably the best screen on a portable yet… My only gripe (aside from dead pixels… and the fact there are no wi fi hotspots near me but that’s not Sony’s fault) is that the european value pack comes with a 32mb memory unit which is waaaay too tiny to enable you to use the PSP as a proper mp3 or video player.
I would rather have a package that only includes the PSP and headphones/miniremote and nothing else to raise its price (the pack also includes a case the PSP barely fits in and a wrist strap that I don’t think I’ll be using).
The 32 mb memory unit is pretty useless for anything but save games so I doubt I will ever use it again once I get a hold of a nicely sized one.

The USB to Mini B cable required to connect it to a PC isn’t included either. I had one from a digital camera so I’m covered but others may not be… So you guys should make sure to get one of those too if you buy a PSP. It’s a simple cable with a USB plug on one end and a small plug on the other (hence Mini B).

And TEST IT AT THE STORE. Look HARD for the dead pixels, they are very hard to see when you aren’t used to the system yet (you always start noticing flaws after you get accustomed to it), I only noticed them days after I got the PSP when I loaded some single-color backgrounds specifically made to let people check for borked pixels easier.

Well, since this thread is made for this, and this is definitely what I need right now, here’s how my day has gone thusfar.

I woke up around 8:30, about 15 minutes later than I had wanted to, and got dressed, heading off to my first College class of the day, which started at 9:35. I arrived at the college a bit after 9, and had to drive around for about 10 to 15 minutes looking for a parking spot. I finally found one and got to my class around 9:25, so I was able to get there early. This class went absolutely fine. So, I head off to my house, feeling pretty good.

When I get home, I talk with a few teachers and such via e-mail about my work (I work as a tutor at the college), as well as an online course I had signed up to take but had yet received no information on (and we are now about a week into the semester). So, upon finally being informed that I had to get onto the website for the online course myself, with no instructions from the college to do so before hand, I quickly did, rushing along. And much to my dismay, yet as I could’ve expected, since I was 6 days late getting into the course, I was behind on work. Hurrah. I rushed to get what I could done, since two minor assignments (just basic intro stuff) were due a few days before, and a program was due tonight.

Well, the class is Visual Basic.NET. Not very difficult at all. I just took it as a refresher course, more or less. So, upon reaching the point where I needed to write a program, I looked to my book for the Visual Basic.NET software which I was supposed to have - surprise, surprise, it did not come with the software. As my luck would have it, the college had sent me a used book, when I specifically ordered a new book. After some searching, I learned that I would have to go up to the college and exchange the used book for a new book.

So, I quickly gather my stuff; at this point, it’s now 3:30, and I have to be at work by 4:00. I rush out to my car and get in, put the key in and turn it… And guess what? My car wouldn’t start. After getting a hot shot using a device that my father had, I quickly left for the college. I arrived around 3:55, since traffic on the way was inexplicably a nightmare. Before going on, I decided to check to see if my car would start up - the answer to that is no, it will not. Not having time to mess with it, I moved quickly to get to the book store, and, yet another fun surprise, there was a nice, long line inside. So I waited in this line for about 20 minutes, after finding a new copy of the book I needed, and when I got to the front, everything was going smooth. Until the woman informed me that, since the original was bought on a credit card, I would need to bring that credit card in, or at least the information on it, in order to be able to get a refund for the book, and balance out the rate that I would have to pay for the exchange between a used book to a new book (which was about $20). Since I didn’t have the card, as it was not my card, I had to book a new book (just over $90), and can’t return the old book for a refund until I have that info.

So, I quickly rush out, having gotten the new book but not having gotten rid of the old book (that’ll have to wait until tomorrow). I grabbed a few papers on my way, and arrived at work at 4:20, twenty minutes late.

So now, here I sit, with nothing to do since I have no students to tutor, with two copies of the same, crappy book, a nice hefty amount of work that I have to do but can’t do until after around 9 p.m. tonight (when I finally get home from my last class), and a car out in the parking lot that will not start. What a lovely, lovely day. :anjou_sigh:

Just listen to Paet.mp3 and I promise you everything will be fine :anjou_happy:

man im angry

me and friends are going out to some freshers party. I know its gonna be good cos its two universties hosting it together, and its the opening night.
so we go, 9:30pm is when the first coach leaves from the uni to get to the place, so we go for 9:30
We get there 9:30 but instead of taking the (free) coach they decide “lets go by train we’ll get there quicker”

the majoritiy decide that, and instead of getting the free coach with lots of people on it we pay for another train ticket

we then get to the place, and theres a long queue. we start to queue up, then they decide the queue is too long and want to go home

so we all f’ing go home (buying a another train ticket btw)

AND i already had free entry cos i bought ticket before


I’m fucking sick of waiting for the Xbox 360! :anjou_angry:

So close yet so far!

NGB still isn’t out in Europe. But the yankees have it. Grrrr.

:anjou_wow: ummm, i learned that the school districts dont really like kids, they just do it for the money…

I just had the most monumental idiot driving behind me on my way home.

I was coming down a highway, and I came to a part where I had to turn left. You get a turn signal there, but that wasn’t lit at the moment; just the standard green light. Some cars were coming in the opposite direction, so I stopped, to wait for a gap in traffic. The light then began to turn yellow, and there were still a few more cars coming; one was turning right onto the road I was about to turn left onto, and the other was still going straight. Not sure how the one going straight would choose to drive (that is, if he would go through the yellow or not), I decided not to take my chances and wait for the next green, as it’s a very short wait time (less than 20 seconds, surely). This is when it begins.

The idiot behind me, driving a beat up piece of crap for a car, began to honk is horn at me, to try and make me jump out into traffic and go, so he could save a little time. I look in my rear view mirror, and it’s an old fellow, probably inbred, with few teeth, and a big, stupid yet creepy grin on his face. So I mutter some curses, and wait for the light to turn green. I then turn left, and am coming home on this street, where the speed limit is 30. Things were fine, up until we came to a four way stop. Being the nice person I am, I let someone go before me, since it was unsure of whether he stopped first or I stopped first; at this moment, I noticed the crazy old guy behind me was making hand motions. Ignoring him, I went through the four way stop, on to the street where I live.

This is a residential street, now, the speed limit is 25 miles per hour. It’s two directional, with only a single lane on each side, and an emergency / parking / recreation lane on the side of that (so it looks like four lanes, but only two are drivable, one on each side). This is where the real “fun” began. This old weirdo began to tailgate me, even though I was doing 25 (especially since many young children live and play around here). He continued to tailgate me, and honked at me as I slowed down over speed humps (because doing 25 over those will thrash my, and a lot of people’s, cars). Ignoring him, I kept driving. That is, until, he started to try to GO AROUND ME on this residential street (keep in mind, this is a no passing area). He got over into the emergency / parking lane, and tried to go around me. Given how absurdly unsafe it was, and that there was another car behind him that was driving normally, I did what I thought was best and kept at it, so he couldn’t go around me (as stopping my car would’ve complicated things for the other driver, and this asshole has no right to be driving like this). So, he tries this twice, both times, he fails to get around me.

I begin to wonder now, just how crazy this guy is. That is, is he going to follow me home or something (he surely looked the part). I’m just a little ways from my house, now, and just before I was about to turn left to pull into my drive way, this nut jumps over into the opposing traffic lane this time, while a car is coming, speeds up and goes around me.

Shocked, appalled, and moreover, irritated, I gave the guy the finger as he went around me, and turned into the driveway of my home. Had the idiot waited one more second, he could’ve been able to drive as dumb as he wanted, WITHOUT having to put my life, the life of the oncoming driver, and his own apparently worthless life (and I say worthless because he seemed to have absolutely no value of it what so ever).

So, now, I’m just annoyed, and at the same time, sickened by the impatience, idiocy and complete disregard people have for other human lives, their own lives, common courtesy, decency and the law. Oye.

damn that guy sounds like an idiot. I had bad drivers, bad dangerous ones. That said i need to get my licence soon