Radiant Silvergun HD Coming to XBLA! Finally in reach!


I think this is fantastic!! Since this is the only rare Saturn game I’ve never been able to get may hands on. Now that I and many others can experience this rare gem in HD new graphics, original Saturn/arcade mode, is: just AWESOME!!


I no longer feel bad that I sold my copy for $160.

Excellent news.

Could this path the way for more Saturn titles on Xbox Live Arcade?

Cool! I already own the Saturn version, but it will be neat to have leaderboards and stuff. Let’s see if I can actually figure out how to get a high score, chaining is HARD. :stuck_out_tongue:

jaw drops


Also: I’m excited I’ll finally be able to understand the story. From what I could gather, some crazy space-octahedron goes crazy and starts wrecking everything. You go after it and start going into the past and eventually it becomes God and you kill it but are cryogenically frozen and I guess wake up to be early humans or something?
Let me tell you, it’s confusing without some considerable knowledge of Japanese…

Rez HD
Child of Eden
Radiant Silvergun

They keep feeding me things to make me buy a 360!

Don’t forget Ikaruga, the spiritual successor to Radiant Silvergun. :anjou_happy:

Or Bangai-O HD, another Treasure shooter for XBLA, coming soon.

And Deathsmiles, the gothic-lolita bullet hell shooter by Cave! (At least it got a US release, IDK about Europe).
Plus Konami’s making Otomedius Excellent - which is Gradius with cute girls!

While maybe not quite on par with Saturn’s import library, Xbox 360 is a good system for shmups.

I want to get Gundemonium, but dammit. It’s on the wrong system.

But wow! Radiant Silvergun at last! Will we finally see a port of PDS?

[quote=“dragoon lover”]I want to get Gundemonium, but dammit. It’s on the wrong system.

But wow! Radiant Silvergun at last! Will we finally see a port of PDS?[/quote]

Dunno. Sega lost the source code for the game. Plus it wasn’t a gaming hit.

Great news about Radiant Silvergun though. Wish it would come on the ps3 for download. :frowning:

I think they could emulate it. Emulation might be the only feasible way to rerelease the game without rewriting large portions of code to get it to run on modern consoles. To emulate PDS, the source code wouldn’t need to be discovered; it would be possible to emulate the existing CD data and add in achievements and the like when certain conditions are met in memory.

While Panzer Dragoon Saga wasn’t a financial success, it is regarded as a cult classic amongst the gaming community. A rerelease would give many more people the opportunity to play the game. As with Radiant Silvergun, it has a “legendary” status among collectors and core gamers.

I find it odd that in this current generation practically the only releases I’ve found appealing on any console are the ones that are download only…

70% retail games are really boring these days…

There’s lots of shit regardless of the distribution method used, that’s how gaming has always been. Lots of shit, and thorough investigation needed to find the titles that appeal to you, if those aren’t your average mainstream hit. Much like any medium.

I’m really happy a bunch more people will have the opportunity to experience RS, though I have to admit there’s a small selfish side that resents the devaluation of owning a copy. I doubt I’ll be buying it, unless there’s some really cool additions; like most Saturn games there’s nothing to be ‘improved’ for me.

I have one apprehension, as I hope the music will be emulated well and not just recorded… though even that would be preferable to being reworked. Radiant Silvergun’s soundtrack is right up there with Azel for the best chip-tunage on Saturn. And perhaps just a little more impressive.

A lot of shooter fans seem to feel it’s somewhat overrated once they get a chance to play it, and judged just as a shooter that’s probably valid. But it’s missing the point, RS really is more about the total experience, and the music is a vital element of that. Though come to think of it… I may have one more apprehension: that it wont seem near as cool once I actually understand the dialogue. lol

It’s very doubtful the music will be emulated. The game, much like Azel, made use of Cybersound which is wavetable MIDI software that was used in several Saturn titles. Quite frankly, it’s unlikely that they’ll have taken the effort to port software that has long been abandoned for a single game when it’d be infinitely easier to just use a digital recording.

I wouldn’t mind newer versions of Sakimoto’s music, so long as it sounded genuinely better. The Radiant Silvergun soundtrack has tracks played back through hardware with greater fidelity than the Sega Saturn’s offerings, but it lacks the same… ooomph. The tempo is also off on some of the songs.

It’s a definite purchase for me, simply because Saturn games look like crap on my 50" Plasma. Having Radiant Silvergun enhanced for an HD display with an additional Ikaruga style chaining system as a bonus feature is awesome. If anything, I’d argue that anyone who owns an Xbox 360 owes it to themselves to buy this game, considering it’s likely going to sell for less than 10% of what it costs on eBay for the Saturn release. This especially rings true for those who have never played it.

As far as those that claim Radiant Silvergun is overrated… pff. Radiant Silvergun, much like Ikaruga, are exceptionally refined games. You can go buy any old shooter and blow a bunch of stuff up on the screen. Silvergun and Ikaruga make them into an artform. You can see it in every moment, everywhere from enemy placement to the bullets that they fire that fill the screen. It’s not all erratic and random, and more importantly, it’s always fair.

Did it really use Cybersound, Just never see any of the Cybersound logo’s on the back of the cover or the end credits. Thought it was very much like Souky and just used the standard tools for the Sound chip

I’m more than Happy, that at last people will get to play and see what the Saturn could do when asked . I really doubt the Saturn game price will be hit that hard… There are many a Neo Geo or some Mega Drive games that are varioys collections, but the original games still hold their value

Spot on. RSG is quite unlike any shooter, I wouldn;t say it the best (for me that is Souky) but it is far from overrated.

I’m pretty certain it uses Cybersound. Not only does the sound itself make me believe it, but every game that has Cybersound handling the sound samples has issues in the SSF emulator, where the tempo of the music is always inconsistent and plays back inaccurately. Games that just went with the standard tools like Albert Odyssey and Magic Knight Rayearth sounded very close to the actual console.

Skies of Arcadia on the Dreamcast also used Cybersound, and I don’t recall any logos regarding it in the game. Invision Interactive went bankrupt in the late 90s IIRC, so it may be a case where they just didn’t bother putting up the logo for the software anymore.

Yeah you quite right I only even seen the Q-Sound logo in Skies on the Box. Just wondering as In-Vision and Cybersound logo’s were always on the Saturn Booklets/discs or shown in game: for every game that used the Tech.

any news on the release date yet?