the japanese is also a barrier for me :-/

else, i’ll receive my xbox orta today or tomorrow :anjou_love:

the pics arrive soon after the reception :anjou_wow:

i’ve received my Orta Xbox Today !!!

I’ll make an unboxing video : Tomorrow ! :anjou_love:

Congrats !

That the unboxin xbox Orta Video !!!

Enjoy (only in french sorry)


I’m just watching this now. I like the way it’s timed so that the spooky music played when Kyle enters the Ancient ruin starts playing when you open the box. :wink:

I’d like to put this on video and the related pics on TWOTA if you don’t mind?

Maybe we could put an abridged version on The Will of the Ancients for English speaking Panzer fans with less of the French talking at the start and end? I suggest starting at 01:11 and going until 08:56. Does that sound like a good idea?

Hi guys !

A friend of mine who loved the Panzer Dragoon serie have received a gift for his birthday from a girl friend of him.

Look this :

He’s a very lucky man, isn’t it ? :anjou_love:

Nice. :anjou_happy:

I would be great to add that picture to TWOTA’s gallery. Does he mind?

I’ve been meaning to add the rest the pics you sent me too, however I had a few questions about how to label the LCD games in this topic:
forums.thewilloftheancients.com/ … php?t=3675

i ask him to know if he accept to publish this paint to the TWOTA Gallery :anjou_embarassed:

Wow, is that a painting? Very nice artwork!

yes it is a painting very beautiful ! :anjou_love:

Hello everyone,

I’m the lucky owner of the painting which is really a masterpiece. Received for my 30 years old, you see ^^

It’s ok for me and Servane, the painter, if you want to put it in the gallery as soon as you mention at least her name.

Thanks a lot.

PS : I’m not happy. Someone took my usual “Lagi” pseudo that nobody knows in France except me. Why is the Will of the Ancients so unfair ? :slight_smile:

Welcome. Thanks for letting me put your painting on TWOTA. It’s a great picture. I will certainly give Servane’s name a mention.

Do you have a higher resolution version of the painting that I could use?

I’ve received this today :

It is the UK SEGA SATURN Magazine issue #31 including the Panzer Dragoon Saga PAL Demo :anjou_love:

That brings back some memories. I still have that magazine in a box somewhere.

Hello Everyone !

I’ve received this, this week :

I’ll made an ISO for you, and i’ll make the Pics of the Panzer Dragoon Orta Xbox Edition tomorrow :anjou_love:

Great. :anjou_happy:

A big congratulation for me this night !!!

I’ll received soon, the OAV Panzer Dragoon Jap Laser Disc Version Brand New !!! :anjou_love:


Nice. You’re certainly building an impressive Panzer Dragoon collection!

Are you going to open it?

i don’t know, i’ll see that when i’ll receive it…

But i have the US VHS, and i never open it. :anjou_angry:

Were you still going to make an English video of unboxing the Panzer Dragoon Orta xbox?