Hope you like Panzer folks.
Won;t be able to make anymore for forseeable future… really sorry to say.

It’s not immediate, I guess refer to certain FMV incidental scenes in Saga like ‘Rendezvous With Destiny’, ‘First Battle’, ‘Dragon Spirit’ (PDS)?


Based on your email, this is ready to publish. However the file is still marked as “No more wandering - rough” on Panzer Dragoon Legacy. Do you want to change the name and description before I publish it?

it’s going to stay rough. So if I ever get to make more music ever again, I’d try to submit update.

Alright. We just need a description and it’s good to go.

I published the “No more wandering - rough” one as part of the latest update. If there are others to publish, feel free to upload MP3s to the music section.