Public Apology

I realized it today after a while. I have been being a total bitch to you guys, and that just isn’t right. I’ve already pissed Neil off and I think I’m probably grating on Shadow’s nerves, so I’d like to take the time out to say sorry for all those I have offended or annoyed.

I have spammed like a maniac lately; I am so, so sorry. I’m attempting to cut down, but I have a habit of wanting to reply to something if it catches my attention. I am also sorry that I have been snappy, edgy, and acting like a smart ass.

If you’d rather me to just go, I will. You won’t have to deal with me anymore. And again, I am sorry to anyone who I have made angry.(Especially Neil; I had no right to be so bitchy toward you when you tried to get me to quit talking on the threads to Winged Death.)

Don’t leave, you made a mistake, no one is cutting your throat for it…and i should know better, i should not make her post of topic because of my randomness…

I dunno what exactly you did, but I’m sure Neil will forgive you.As will I.

i forgive you

Grating my nerves, heh. That’s an overstatement Orta =/ You haven’t been annoying me in the least. I haven’t found you to be bitchy, snappy, edgy or anything like that love. The last thing I want you to do is leave these forums, as you’re actually one of my favourite members. It’s just this spam that exists, the need to be ‘crazy’. It’s unneccesary.

Hey, no worries Orta :smiley:

I think you’re a lovely person to have around on the forums. No one wants you to leave, and if you did I’d miss you being around…

IMO, you have nothing to be sorry for. :slight_smile:

Don’t go! clings

I said this because it came to my attention on another site that I was being “Rude, judgemental, and cruel” to others on the site. After Neil got mad at me, I just kind of thought that I was doing the same thing on here.

It’s okay, you’re forgiven :slight_smile:

I admit it, I was angry. Mostly because while the general state of the forums is already declining, the added spam did nothing to help; not to mention that it’s rude to the thread’s creator to post something off-topic in the thread (not to mention the snappy comment I recieved when I pointed out a simple mistake.) I understand that you had good intentions, but like Shadow said, the spam and need to be “crazy” is unnecessary. Though I’m glad you’re making an effort to cut down.

You are still an interesting character, and one of the coolest forum members on this site, so by all means, please don’t leave. I think I could have been a little bit less harsh on my part, so it wasn’t entirely your fault.

But please, stay with us.


People actually care if I leave or not? Dude… That’s… Odd.

Odd due to the fact most people beg me to leave them the hell alone.

Thanks Neil for forgiving me. I was being a moron that day.

Glad thngs are back into the ball park, lets just hope someone else doesnt hit a foul…metaphor!

nah, really?

I’m gonna throw up now… :stuck_out_tongue:

As Christopher Walken would say:

Wowie wow wow wow.

Uh, yeah…

Christopher Walken…


Oh yeah.

Great.Bluefoot’s one of them teens who thinks walken’s a god and has style…

After playing the role of a cop in a movie staring J-Lo he lost all that he might have been…

Christopher Walken talks funny. He should team up with Christopher Reeves and make like…Super Crip, and like…Yeah.

Not funny.


Not funny.[/quote]

Damn right.