PSone games- Your thoughts

A while ago I bought a PSone (a pre-owned one from work, Sony gets no money from me, ahahahaaa) only to play Grandia which was traded in also.

Anyway, as I was a die hard Saturn fan back in the 32bit days I never knew much about PSone games.

I have a few in my staff reservation box at work that I might buy (all pre-owned again) and I just wanted your opinion on whether they’re any good.

The games are-
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy IX
Legend of Dragoon
Dead or Alive (the original)
Soul Blade

I don’t want any plot spoilers, just your opinion on whether they’re worth getting!

The only game on that list that I’ve played is FFVII. All I can say is that, well, it’s a FF game; Just a big soap opera.
The Materia system can be fun if you tweak around with it, though. I liked turning the characters into living materia chains whose sole purpose in battle was to use that one spell that I had linked to everything.

Some PSX games that I’d recommend are:
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Tenchu: Stealth Assassins
Metal Gear Solid
and believe it or not, I actually liked Syphon Filter (the sequels don’t seem promising, though)

I generally dont like the PS stuff…but FF gets high ratings from mostly everyone who’s played it, so they should be good…Dead or alive? I’ve played the third one…and that was pretty crap IMO…sorta a soul calibur 2 spoofy crap version.

The games are-
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy IX
Legend of Dragoon
Dead or Alive (the original)
Soul Blade

I don’t want any plot spoilers, just your opinion on whether they’re worth getting![/quote]

All of those games are great (although I don’t remember if I played Soul Blade or not…). FF9 is much better than FF7 imo (which stands alone apparently), although they are both awesome…and yeah, lol, they are most certainly the soap opera of RPGs. I do think that if you have never played them before you should at least play it for the experience. Legend of Dragoon is good, although I couldn’t help noticing it appeared to be Sony’s take on a Square game…

Also, you should try Chrono Cross. It is much different from Chrono Trigger, (in a good way), and the music is excellent.

Just to be clear, I’m not being kind when I call FFs soap operas.

FF7 is a good RPG, mainly it is what got the FF series such a well known name… It is fun, I’ll admit that.
Castlevania:SOTN… excellent game, go get it now. 0.0
Xenogears, play thet one, excellent RPG.
Final Fantasy Tactics is another good one too. =D

tries to think of some more games

Are you ever being kind?

There was that one ti-oh wait…

Never mind, no.

I’d be interested in seeing what Grandia’s like, the sequel had a good battle system, and apparantly the storyline of the first game is a lot better.

I’ve heard that some girl in grandia sings in Portuguese.A friend told me it’s very difficult to understand.Japaneses speaking Porturuguese :stuck_out_tongue:

Final Fantasy VII - Epic whether ppl want to admit it or not and hardly a soap opera (which admitelly the next of the series did go that way)

Final Fantasy IX - Fun but nothin really special, still propably one of the best RPGs on the system (Not crap like VIII either tho)

Soul Blade - Good for it’s time, nothin compared to Soul Calibur

Dead Or Alive - Good for it’s time, good gfx for a ps one game

Legend Of Dragoon - Average and seemingly long (rather than epic) rpg with ff style of gameplay. Story has good and bad parts and battles start nice but end up very very tedious since you need to button mash way too much (lots of kinds of attacks either require rapid presses of the X button to get more powerful or require timed presses of all buttons in shen mue QTE style to be succesful)

Congrats on getting Grandia, it’s EXCELLENT (And started it’s life on Saturn but never saw an english speaking release on that system)

Other notable games to get are:

Metal Gear Solid - Better story than MGS2 by far.

Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night - MUST have like Atolm said.

Final Fantasy Tactics - MUST have as well if you even remotely like Turn Based Strategy games. The story is badly translated but it’s of EPIC proportions if you pay attention.

Xenogears - VERY sweet (Atolm seems we have same taste in games!) and gave me feelings similar to the PD series at various times while playing it. Short-ish but great!

Resident Evil 3 - Fun action game with an OK plot, you might wanna play previous games of the series first tho (or atleast the first one which involves the same main character :).

Legend Of Legaia - Fun little rpg.

Medal Of Honor 1&2 - Great console fps games, sweet for their time, should still be pretty fun n they look good for ps one games.

Alien Ressurection - Another great console only FPS which makes me wish it was made for the PC instead. Tough game.

Chrono Cross - No match for Chrono Trigger but still a fun rpg experience as long as you don’t expect it to be anythin like it’s SNES prequel.

Syphon Filter 1&2 - Fun Action games with some flaws, but still very enjoyable in a Bruce Willis kinda way if you know what I mean. Rough around the edges but fun.

Wipeout 3 - Great futuristic racing game with weapons with very good gfx considering the hardware it’s on. FAST!

Crash Team Racing - Closest thing to Mario Kart on PS One. Lot’s of fun especially in multiplayer!

I’ll reply again if I remember (and also if I feel like posting again heh)anything else worth having (there deffinitelly are more where these came from)
By the way they are not written in order of preference so check the commends on the games rather than their position in my post.

You are all forgetting the best RPG Squaresoft has put out in recent memory: Vagrant Story. Seriously, read the reviews. This game is simply amazing and way under appreciated. It is a fantastic pseudo action rpgs with one of the best combat systems ever devised. The weapon and spell system is simply fantastic. Did i mention it has a seriously awesome story. This game is clearly top notch. It gets a 10 out of 10 in my book.

FF7 - Its good, no its great. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Its a fun RPG with some cool characters and a pretty good story. The Materia system is fun as is the battle system. Definitely pick this up.

Final Fantasy Tactics: Just get this game. Don’t hesitate. Its Arguably the best Turn Based Strategy ever made.

Metal Gear Solid - This game is classic, a truly great stealthy action game. Definitely pick up the version with the extra VR missions. Again this is one title you must get.

Tactics Ogre - heh if you can get this then go for it. Its pricey now but its another great Turn Based Strategy. Sure its a port of the Super Famicom version but that was a JPN only release as far as i know.

Vagrant Story is hardly an rpg, it’s more like an action puzzle adventure (lol) with rpg elements.
Excellent story, excellent characters, good battles, clever use of the block puzzles HOWEVER both the battles AND the block puzzles get tedious later in the game. Especially the puzzles. And for a purist they might seem way off place from the start of the game as well since frankly if they make a sequel I hope they will lose that part and just make it a proper and serious adventure with logical puzzles rather than cube pushing/pulling/rolling/etc.
Story alone was worth it to finish the game but for someone else it might not work as well :slight_smile:

What naysayers? Everyone loves the game, and those rare few who don’t, quickly disappear. :slight_smile: I remember the days when not liking this game meant you were a loser of unprecedented proportions.

It felt like I was back in primary school again and not wearing fashionable trainers. I don’t care how good Final Fantasy 7 is, it certainly didn’t warrant the hype bestowed upon it by so many mindless people desperate to buy the game everyone else was.

“OMG Cloud!”

I did eventually buy a copy of “the best RPG ever” for my PC just to see what all the fuss was about. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Real RPGs like Morrowind and Planescape: Torment are far more deserving of an RPG fan’s attention and praise.

The only games worth buying for the Playstation are Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3, but you can buy them for the Saturn/Dreamcast and the Gamecube. The Wipeout games are some of the best racing games I’ve played as well due to their futuristic slant on the racing genre.

Final Fantasy IX - Fun but nothin really special, still propably one of the best RPGs on the system (Not crap like VIII either tho)[/quote]

I actually found VIII to be very good myself, but they should of cut the love story crap from it. And I still think that FF9 was better than FF7, looked to me like it was straight out of a child’s fantasy storybook! (the design that is, not the story.) I even bought the art book for that game!

Geoffrey, 3 mistakes:

  1. Needless sarcasm aiming to make fun of ppl’s opinions doesn’t make your point any more valid, instead it propably annoys people and makes them care less for whatever point you might have to say.
    I haven’t seen any FF fanboy type attitude from anyone in here to justify that kind of reply from you.

  2. Don’t compare console RPGs with PC RPGs, they might share the same genre name but they offer totally different experiences. You propably can see the differences even in Panzer Dragoon Saga even tho you love this one like all of us. Surely if someone expects a PC RPG experience from it he will be very very dissappointed since it lacks most of the PC RPG qualities, don’t you agree?

  3. Don’t buy console RPGs for the PC as they lose a lot of their their charm and also adapt a painfull for the user control scheme since they are not designed for PCs. Especially older games that is since modern games do more of an effort to adapt to the PC needs of control type. For example I got Grandia 2 for the PC and barely played it while on the DC I enjoyed every bit of it (even tho it’s worse than the original game)
    It’s also very known that the PC version of VII was pretty badly made as well.
    If you want a console style RPG for the PC try Anachronox, it’s quite old but it’s a fun game and it doesn’t look really bad either. Characters are low poly but the environments look pretty nice especially later in the game. Good Humour with the cliched characters at various points in the game too. Worth a look. Some interesting concepts in both the gameplay and the story :slight_smile:

Anyway it’s one thing saying a game isn’t worth all the hype it gets and another thing saying it’s a bad game. Sure FFVII isn’t as good as some (or a lot of) people say. But does that make it a bad game? The answer is NO! It’s still a great game with a big world, battles with enough depth and fun, a good/fun anime style story with interesting characters and situations, lots of mini games, and a lot of fun gameplay hours. Quite a few things to do for people that get obsessed as well with all those enemy skills to gather and secret items/materia to find or even the chocobo breeding/racing you can do. Not the greatest game or one of the greatest games but deffinitelly worth a buy for anyone that seeks a fun rpg on the ps one.
I’d get Xenogears and Grandia first tho. I <3 Xenogears :slight_smile:

Neil, the way too long and way too frequent and way too silly love story bits (or better: huge chunks) were mostly what made me hate FFVII. The battle system was annoying as well to me. Magic ended up as a mere “item” since you couldn’t cast it with an ability or skill but instead by “drawing” ammounts of a particular spell from an enemy. Bad :
I found the overall story to not be that interesting either, It did have some good parts but it also had a lot of bad ones and some of the characters were like caricatures(sp) of characters from other games of the series put in different roles.
Also it didn’t have much variety like FFVII did. I expected atleast as many mini games and secrets etc as VII had…
Some of the game’s sections were damn annoying too. I HATED the sewers, it was like they put that section in to make the game last longer. I hate mazes in RPGs! And even more I hate mazes that every screen looks the same as the previous one!
I could go on an on but I’ll stop here…

About FFIX, I don’t think it’s better than VII in anything but graphics. I didn’t find the storyline interesting and I also didn’t really like the fact you gained skills from items requiring you to be equipped with an item you might not want just so you can eventually learn the skill it holds…
Short game too. Dissappointing ending too. Fun while it lasts but nothin special. Some of the shortcomings of VIII apply to IX as well. In my opinion always, it’s better than VIII but still quite worse than VII :slight_smile:

Anyway I’ll end my post here I’m bored of typing…

note the edits I made were just typos so there’s no need to re-read my post everyone…not that you would do that anyway lol

Hey, you’re opinion is fine Alex, and I have to say that I agree about what you said about the Sewers in FF8. I spent almost a month or so trying to find my way out without cheats. Mazes can ruin an RPG imo.

As for FF9, I never actually beat it so I can’t say whether or not the ending is bad. I got all the way to the end of disk 4, and then I one day I accidently wiped the data from my memory card, I was so pissed!

FF9 and FF7 are real close in quality though. Essentials for RPG nuts.

Perhaps you should be making the distinction between western and Japanese RPGs, not PC and console RPGs. Morrowind and Knights of the Old Republic are the type of console RPGs PC owners have been enjoying for years. The console market has been flooded by Japanese RPGs almost without exception until now.

I still maintain that Final Fantasy 7 is overrated.

I Can’t say much about this topic but what i can say is that I love Japanese RPG’s not because of the type of plot mainly.

lol, well I can’t say anything about FF games as I have never ever played any of them O_o people say they are good, but I know jack about them.