Project Trico HD


It’s meant to be old footage so, pretty good. SOTC mechanics, except the beast is friendly, and Ico mechanics in that you at times separate and other times proceed together. Though, obviously the beastie is far more useful than the girl in Ico.

Also, you just know that thing will die in the end… Don’t get too attached.

It screams of ICO mixed the one man and his pet of Zwei/Dragoon friendship . Looks stunning . Hope its shown off at E3

SONY got a simply stunning line up this year , what with this , Drakes II, GOW III , all set to be shown off.

They got just the perfect blend of dog and cat in the animations and personality of the creature.

To me, this game feels very much like a game in the same vein as Panzer - it’s a story about a boy and his dog. And yeah, just seeing the arrows/spears sticking out of the creature, seeing the empathy in its eyes, you know it’s going to die. This may be the game that causes me to break down into tears :smiley:

Bravo, Ueda-san. Bravo.

Yes what with this and Lost Planet II its nice to see the Japanese Teams back in full flight on consoles, I bet GT 5 will drop jaws too

Be nice of SEGA Japan could join the action , with our very own Udea-san . Oh please Ueda-san , you’re my only hope :frowning:

I can’t bare any more piss poor Yakuza next gen game engines and spin off’s

[quote=“Team Andromeda”]Oh please Ueda-san , you’re my only hope :frowning:

ah… too bad I can’t talk about anything here as all that info Abadd gave me is highly confidential…

but yeah, you are so very right… and then again so totally not =/


but yeah, you are so very right… [/quote]

Oh I’m never right , but I’m half temped to go into Highlander mode and say they can only be One Ueda-san . I’ll back the blue corner anyday , he’s the better Artist (the bosses in Zwei will always be the best ) :anjou_love:

In all seriousness though . I miss the days when SEGA would hit the web for games that feature emotion and true Art like that seen in this demo , I’ll bet this game will have its own language like Ico and SOC before it , and the Panzer’s .
I miss the days of Lundi and Lagi, a boy and his pet facing the world . HAPPY DAYS !
It’s getting to the stage where the next game from SEGA will be Sonic VS Yakuza ‘Join Sonic as he takes the battles, to clean up the street’s’

AH Well I 'l always have the Panzer and Jet Set’s .

Takes Deep Breath , and thinks of William Wallace

They may take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR UEDA-SAN !

The video made my girlfriend and I both cry. We already love the creature, and this is by far a first for early footage for an unreleased game. :anjou_love:

The designer made some interesting decisions - the size ratio of head, eyes, and ear size makes the creature look extremely young. Quite possibly a baby… which creates an instant reaction in most people. Then by placing the eyes closer together, it gives the creature a seemingly more intelligent look, again increasing empathy.

I showed it to my fiancee and she said, “I am not watching you play this game. That guy is going to die, isn’t he?”

Exactly, everything about the creature indicates that it is, for lack of a better term, a “puppy”. It’s a child, and it will be very interesting to see if the span of the game allows the creature and the boy to grow up together! :anjou_happy:

Yeah, even the way it calls after the boy when it is sitting by itself on that post. The way it closes its eyes mimics the way kittens call after their mother. Given how many cats I’ve raised over the years, this game is going to destroy me haha

Spot on post , It’s going to be heart killer at the end

It is by far the most interesting take of a griffon I have ever seen. It is indeed a baby/kitten. It will be neat to see the adult form with the fully grown wings, horns/antlers.

I just may need to purchase a PS3 for this one…

Mind you , I don’t like cats too much , always been more a DOG man myself , both inthe female Human and animal world . :anjou_embarassed:

Rather than a griffon I think it’s more of a Wolpertinger.

mind you that a wolpertinger doesn’t have to have a rabbit as “base”, there are also forms made of other mamals like lynx or dogs.

griffons usually are a mixture of lion and eagle, the feller in the video is more a catratdogparrot as Abadd put it

Here is a nice TRICO wallpaper I made to celebrate the trailer and my utter… JOY!!!

The movements are so fluid and real, even for a 1 to 2 year old trailer! I can’t wait to see what he has improved on for E3, if he does indeed show something. Here’s keeping my fingers crossed!!

Very nice wallpaper! :anjou_happy:

And yes, one of my favourite things about their games has always been the otherworldly quality of the animation.

Ha, thanks it took me a while to fine tune it. Looks like I’ll have to make another one come E3, I hope. :anjou_love:

Note:The wallpaper looks best if you set a black background, center it, and put your Desktop Icons around it! Unless you have a million Desktop icons that is…

Yeah, I can’t wait to see what E3 brings this year!

I have to say, this game evokes such an incredible response. I just showed it to my 3-year old nephew, and he’s completely taken with it. “Big Cat, again!” He watched it four times in a row and I finally had to stop there, but he’s still asking to see it again! :anjou_happy: The expression of awe on his face was priceless. They’ve already accomplished something significant with this!

Wow, yeah it looks like another beautiful and original trip!

Great observations here already, I’ll ditto most of them… one of my initial reactions to that video is to hope it stays looking just about like that actually. Not too obsessed with the detail and realism that’s been almost a blight for this gen, and instead focused on the overall impression. The nuance of the animation is already brilliant, with some little rendering glitches cleaned up it’d be good to go I think. Then I’ll just have my fingers crossed for a nice solid 60fps update, which has also become a rarity for this console gen.