Play Your Retro(Arch) Games in VR

EmuVR is a front end for the RetroArch emulators front end that lets you play in the comfort of your own customizable 90s bedroom. It’s currently in beta but when you get it configured it’s wonderful. Its most striking feature for me is that it can emulate lightguns on that virtual CRT with 1:1 accuracy (unlike solutions of the past that utilized - or imitated the methods of, like GunCon3/AimTrak - Wii remotes) to bring these games on modern systems without the need to actually get a real CRT TV and lightguns.

It doesn’t currently work with all RetroArch cores and can be very janky, but I personally managed to get The House of the Dead 2 on Dreamcast to work brilliantly and it’s fun as ever and a huge improvement over emulating the Wii release and using a dolphinbar and real Wii remotes and gun shells to play it. The feel of authenticity both visually and in the controls is incredible. I also managed to play Time Crisis on the PS1 perfectly well but that was never one of my favorites due to the framerate.

Many more are playable but personally on my PC and in the last versions I didn’t manage to emulate Saturn games full speed so I couldn’t play the Virtua Cop games and the first House of the Dead well. Others however had no issues so for now it varies. There are also problems with the emulator cores not fully supporting lightguns (for example on the Dreamcast core there’s a reloading bug with Confidential Mission which means you need to shoot off screen twice, while that version of Virtua Cop 2 doesn’t let you aim at all) so hopefully as more people grow to use it or even competitors and alternate solutions that may pop up by other developers there will be more work done for lightguns on the emulators themselves.

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