Phantom Dust Remastered

First screenshot:

Is anyone else looking forward to this? I never played the original (in large part due to the lack of a PAL version).

And it’s coming to PC. :anjou_happy:

Yes, I am pumped for this game. I played the original about 3 years back and thought it was an amazing game.

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I might look into it, although I still have a handful of games I already own to finish first.

I did not see THIS coming!!! This is a very wonderful surprise. I am downloading it right now.

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Downloading now… :anjou_happy: I posted the news on the front page too, thanks for the heads up @ProjektNemesis117.

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I was slightly worried about the in-app purchases, but from what I’ve read, there’s nothing that can’t be obtained by simply playing the game. I can’t say I’m happy with Microsoft’s handling of Crimson Dragon, but I’ll take a look nonetheless since I didn’t play the original Phantom Dust. Releasing it so suddenly probably isn’t the best idea though, this will really be overlooked.

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This is probably true. They released it with no prior announcement and almost entirely out of the blue. However I believe that they released it in order that it gets exposed more to the public before getting overshadowed by all the other more popular games at E3.

I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. Does anyone know if the single player story mode has in-game purchases? Cosmetic in-app purchases for multiplayer are one thing, but in-app purchase prompts in the middle of a story can be really immersion-breaking.

I want to like this game to explain Futatsugi as a genius…but I never played it and from what I’ve seen of it I felt it would bore me to tears. Same with the game world. Was excited that it was an original scifi/fantasy world…but it doesn’t draw me in.

I have the game on my One and also own the original and its plays looks and feels exactly the same on in high def even all the menus are from the old game. The game is a work of genius, by a genius.