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http://www.pdsoasis.panzerdragoon.net Update #5: 5/23/06

Panzer Dragoon Saga finally gets recognized as # 1. In the new June issue of Gameinformer, an article dedicated to the top 10 rare Rpgs nominates Panzer Dragoon Saga as the # 1 role-playing game! Hopefully this article will allow more people to become aware of this great masterpiece. They may even be intrigued to play the game, that is: if they can afford it. :wink:

Link to article:


They should have said Console RPGs, not just RPGs. I don’t think they should have mixed in the turn based strategy games like Tactics Ogre either. But hey, PDS is #1 so it’s all good I guess :anjou_love:

Also, notice the horribly photoshoped cutout of Edge. It’s just sad. :anjou_sigh:

And couldn’t they they have found a better picture than the one that’s on the back of the game case?

When it comes to bad photoshopping and Edge, you really shouldn’t talk.

Lol, harsh.

Not everybody can morph their own face perfectly over the Edge cover art. I know, it’s sad. :anjou_sad:

Small Update:

Apparently, there is also a past article from Electronic Gaming Monthly, I recently discovered called: Top 10 Cult Classics over at www.1up.com. Panzer Dragoon Saga also snagged # 1 as well!

Link to article:


It’s good to know that Panzer Dragoon Saga is still appreciated. :anjou_happy:

This is one of the reasons I like the fact that there are other Panzer sites around like yours, legaiaflame. They contain worthwhile information and articles that I wouldn’t have thought of posting on TWotA.

Thanks a lot Solo. :anjou_happy: I just can’t believe PDS has been recognized as # 1 in not one, but two major publications. It’s a good thing to know.

Yeah, sorry ‘bout that. I just have a hard time passing up a good insult. Nothin’ personal. :anjou_happy:


Update #6: 5/31/06

I’ve added a new section to the site called “Articles”. It’s a collection of PDS, PDZ, PD, and PDO magazine articles ranging from: previews, reviews, strategies, and much more.

Dude, seriously, did you even have to wait for someone to bring it up? Your sig is too darn big!

yeah, take off every zig, for great justice!

Thats what Firefox + adblock is for. One click and I never see that huge sig again ^^;

Yeah, sorry about that, I’ll make my own, and I’ll make it smaller. :anjou_sigh:

Hey guys, be sure to check this out:


It’s an XBN article from my “Articles” section. It ontains an interview with Panzer creators Takayuki Kawagoe and Akihiko Mukaiyama, as well as a section at the end called Panzer Prologue.

Are those legal to have online?

I made sure to state the sources and am not saying it is my own work. So, I don’t see why not. And those magazines came out years ago, so it’s not like the publishers are losing any money.

If I recieve any emails from those magazines, I’ll be sure to take them down. If worst comes to worst.

http://www.pdsoasis.panzerdragoon.net Update #8: 8/12/06

You guys are in store for something special! I’ve gathered a collection of Moebius artwork for your viewing pleasure. The artwork consists of the complete Heavy Metal Arzach comic collection, as well as: various Arzach artwork, Moebius’ Panzer Dragoon artwork, and Moebius/Panzer Dragoon Parallels. Although the dream-like world of Arzach is highly creative paralleling Panzer Dragoon in many ways, the comics do contain mild nudity. So, before you indulge yourself in Moebius’ finest work, make sure you can handle the content. Above anything else: I hope you enjoy yourself while appreciating Moebius’ exquisite art!

It’s a shame that such fantastic developers of amazing games worked for Sega, who’s console had not sold especially well. These games deserved so much more recognition than it got. They’re the most original games I’ve ever played. No games since the series have had such original stories and gameplay, even when Panzer Dragoon Saga was released, everything was original, even the standard battle system in most RPG’s, I personally love the gauge system which made it so much more exciting. IF this had been released on a more mainstream console these games would get the recognition they sorely deserve and perhaps Team Andromeda would still be around. Sega should get off thier arses and rather than mass produce endless sonic games get Smilebit to raise the bar for gaming once again, or even better get Andromeda back together and make another Panzer Dragoon RPG (in my opinion the RPG genre suit Panzer Dragoon to a tee).

P.S. Does anyone know why Team Andromeda disbanded?