PDS Disc 1 Free Items from Gash Criteria



After a bit of messing around, I think I may have discovered what criteria is needed for Gash to hand the player 3 Elixir Minors and 3 Beserk Micros in the Village of Cainus : if you have less than 2 Elixir Minors and Beserk Micros in your inventory when you reach Cainus, then Gash will give you 3 of each item. However, if you have less than 2 Elixir Minors but more than 2 Beserk Micros, then Gash will only give you 3 Elixir Minors; I’ve found that this is true for the opposite as well.

I’m afraid I am unable to provide video evidence for this but this is how it has worked for me using the US version of the game. I would very much appreciate it if anyone else would be able to replicate it as I’ve described.


That’s good to know. Good work figuring it out! I had never really even given it much thought. But it’s good to know Gash gives you those items if you are very low on Elixirs.


If someone else can verify this, I’m happy to update the disc 1 secrets guide (and credit all contributors appropriately).