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I don’t like double negatives, so I translated yours. I find them slow.

But what you said about Gash perhaps not disagreeing with any or all of the Ancients struck me. Maybe he agreed with the control, but not the tyranny. He would be a very complicated individual.

The scene I mentioned from the film The Patriot came to mind because the character I mentioned is evil and tyrannical, but he loved the plants that grew in that scene. Maybe the Ancients who created the technology to save the environment put this point of view in their creations.

There is a good reason why this scene was there and why it was deleted. That truth will come out eventually.

So the question is: should human beings be allowed to live at all? Humans, not machines in human form. The weak die. It is a law of nature, is it not?

I am thinking about some ideas for a PD Saga 2 outline, but I don’t want to go too far with it here.

Since you are an artist, how do you feel about a realistic art style that has lifelike people in it but with a distinct Panzer style? I am leaning towards that at the moment.

The whole games industry is going to change in my opinion. Sega will need to invest more and maybe even lose money at first to make money.

Here is the scene I mentioned:

I think that I do not know how to talk properly with you and will disengage now. I was wrong in having tried to hold a discussion on the above - with you or anyone else. I will just stick trying to learn in other ways.

Don’t worry about it. I am all over the place at the moment.

What I am trying to focus on is the true purpose of the Ancient technology, which you brought up.

I like the Naausica idea where it is creating a different environment, and human beings (some good, but many evil) are in the way. But I think it is something more as well. I think this is why Edge was so confused by it all.

Well, Geoffrey. Wishing peaceful resolve, clarity and equanimity ahead.

I honestly think the best way to describe the Ancient technology is to play Freespace 1 and 2. In those games there is an alien race that destroys everything in its path for seemingly no reason. All communications with them failed.

It was speculated that this alien race existed to destroy races that were destructive to the environment.

If that were true, why wouldn’t you simply give in to them? And I am talking to you here. Tyranny is also natural and offers the fastest solutions (pretend I am Tolkien here).

The scene I linked there from The Patriot was deleted from the theatrical release. Was the villain right?

Let’s use your double negatives here. The villain was an absence in place of away from here correct (he was not incorrect). “Everything grows here”.

Pedantically cavilling is counter-conducive towards constructive, sincere discourse. Breathwork helps open the capacities to have more meaningful, non-judgemental and creative, open discourse.

You may have only grasped what you are conditioned to grasp from the Freespace games plots. There may be something beyond the perceieved Internal working model framework laid down/clung to; even beyond the writer’s intentions. There needs to be a safe disconnect with writing and believing the writing. I mean just for a moment, think of the things you don’t know. Exactly…

I’m still learning to hold conversations that go beyond - or mentally dismantle - walking around talking like Ryo Hazuki. Now, if you could Sumimz my senz (sumimasen).

Take care. Be well.

We could go down this path if you want where I have to spell out and prove every single thing politically when the points are all there.

The Ancient technology may have been created to protect the environment. Human beings have the potential to destroy the environment.

Should we allow human beings to be enslaved or killed? These are actual real world politics as well. But do you want me to link that to you somehow?

“Everything grows here”. He was an absence in place of correct leaves him (he was not incorrect).

Now maybe the villain dressed in red here (Scarlet and the beast) simply had a good side. Maybe. But I thought it was a good example.

Freespace 2. My favorite track is named Joshua. Here I will link it to you:

In The Bible, Joshua led an army that killed all the giants in Canaan.

I really really want to help make PDS2 a reality. Whether it happens in 10 years or 110 years.

But to do this we need to be respectful to the source material.

But anyway, my question to you is: would any of The Seekers believe that the Ancients who created the Towers were correct?

Pretend you are one. Do you agree with those Ancients?

Answering here.

It’s not a matter of ‘incorrect’ or correct. Those were your parameters; how nice to set them.
In a flowing dialogue context, this is not a double negative; sincere interlocutors need not take heed, wherever the hell they are.

  1. Gash could be a microcosm for learning to exist despite the given and go beyond.
  2. Ancients don’t need to be imagined as a single entity/bunch.

Don’t need to believe either.

I want to clarify and be friendly here because I realize that I need to always be precise in what I state. I am assuming that you know what I mean.

So to clarify, from the villain’s point of view that I linked from the movie The Patriot, he believed/said that North America was a beautiful country and follows by saying “Everything grows here”.

He was not incorrect. He was an absence in place of a state of being missing/zero in place of correct. He was here correct. He was an absence in place of it-leaves-him correct.

Perhaps that was part of why he believed that the rebel colonists needed to be enslaved or killed.

So here I am drawing a parallel with Panzer Dragoon Saga. Were The Ancients who believed that the human population needed to be controlled to save the environment correct? Maybe they were and this was the wrong approach?

This is where we are. Even some of The Seekers might agree that this kind of drastic action was necessary.

So there is my position from taking a scene from a movie perhaps out of context. I don’t want to argue with you. It simply seems to me that there is a great deal about real life that we are not discussing.

To close, I’ve come to learn it was about how people deal with War Neurosis (in PDS game) that was explored here at Cainus. Gash’s mental equilibrium compared to Zastava’s; and lesser extent Arwen/Craymen. That’s all that was being wondering about.

Regarding the movie you brought up.
Please research the movie team/writers’ own portrayal hurdles, in regards to realism; your findings may afford a seperate subject/topic to be created.