PDO: Receives Gamespot's 2003 Best Shooter Award

Surprised? I know I was: Click!

Now ?14.99 at HMV’s January Sale, I think I should finally buy it and see for myself!

You have a box?

Anyways, I’m not that suprised.There’s not a place on the web where Orta is criticised.

That’s true. Unfortunately it didn’t result in enough sales to warrant a sequel.

Nice to see it got the best shooter award. Even more impressive since it was competing against games like Call of Duty and Max Payne 2, although you can’t really compare them in my opinion. PD Orta was the only classic shooter among the finalists.

Talking about awards: PD Orta is also in the running for the “Best Game No One Played Award” at IGN…

is a no one

is a no one killer

[quote=“GehnTheBerserker”]You have a box?

Yup, since Christmas 2002.

I haven’t played/bought any games for my Xbox since then - no time.

The same goes for the Gamecube I got this Christmas - haven’t touched it.

This may sound shocking, but the last most recent game I’ve played was Max Payne - last year lol

I think one of my New Year’s resolutions should be to take it easy with online gaming and actually play games offline…

If I don’t get my fix of QIIIA online at least once every night I’ll go mental lol

PDO also won the award for “Best Easter Egg” (meaning the best extra stuff in a game, in this case the original PD game) at the G-Phoria awards show (which was a televised awards ceremony. It was like the Oscars for VGs!). That was way back in August, I suppose I should have told you guys, huh?

Infidel, you still ahven’t bought Orta?!!!

I’m glad the series got some recognition.

I will, soon :slight_smile:

Does Sega take note of all these awards? The Panzer Dragoon games have always been critically acclaimed and under-achievers in the revenue department.

is afraid >.>

is not :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt that they take note, but still, I was glad that PDO won for “Best Easter Egg” at the G-Phoria show, and was pissed that it did not win for best graphics.

I hate how great games go unnoticed by the majority of gamers.

I seriously don’t :slight_smile:
That’s what makes them special.

At least Amusement Vision does it.


Hopefully they already are working on new panzer game.

When they updated the japanese official homepage, they took notice of several foreign reviews too.


Now it’s your turn, Abadd. We need one of your statements a la “We shall see, my friends… we shall see.” :wink:

I don’t understand…

Smilebit’s still the owner of the rights to make Panzer games right?

Fine! ADDED: I dunno.

The pics on the Japanese page have me ROTFL. xD

First guy: just had oral surgery Kohmagahanupanzer!

Kid in middle: Hey, check it out! New game!
Right: Hey, she looks kinda hot…
Left: Is that how you spell… d-r-a-g-o-… ??

Third guy: Stttaay awaaayy!!! MY PRECIOUS!!! FILTHY HOBBITSES!!!

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