PDAA Vote-Off

Most Creative Forum Member - Lord Craymen vs Zzoull
Forum Member with the Best Avatars - Gehn vs TheSharpEdge
Most Fanciable Female - Atolm vs Rune Lai

Three days to vote. Starting… NOW! votes

Maybe you should have done it one category at a time… these results are going to vary greatly

Rune Lai is a girl!?

Well, my votes are fairly obvious votes

I’d laugh if Rune Lai was actually a guy and got mistaken for a girl :stuck_out_tongue:

I would too.

Honestly, I’d laugh my ass off.

Before I vote : I can’t vote for myself can I?

You should have done separated polls Skiad.This way I can’t vote without giving me or Sharpie a vote…

Right, fine… I’ll get Neil to delete / lock this topic, and all votes from it will be null and void. I’ll create three other polls.

As you desire :slight_smile: