PD game Idea

I have an Idea for a Panzer Dragoon game. It is a Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter that takes place in the worldof panzer Dragoon. A MMOFPS is a game like Planetside, a first person shooter that takes place in one huge world, no servers nothing, just one HUGE battlefield for all.

The game will have 2 armies: the Empire and some other enemy I am not yet sure of. It will have weapons and vehicles seen in the panzer dragoon series. Most combat will be in the air, just imagine a huge mothership defending its self angainst taishak ships carrying players to board the ship being piloted by players while fighters roar overhead. There aresome RPG elements as well, with experience with weapon or vehicle types you can become more skilled with those. You may have quests to go on, you can explore and find rare items in hidden places of this massive world.

It is like battlefield 1942 but one HUGE battlefield for everyone.

I would love your comments or you can post some other ideas to add to this if you wish. Thanks.

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It would be interesting to have a MMOFPS in the air, but where does the dragon come into play?

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Well, the dragon does not really come onto the game. It just takes place in the world of panzer dragoon, there is ground combat as well. The problem with using this game as a background is that I cant imagine a machine gun or anything.

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So what do you think of the idea?

sounds cool, I had the idea to make a bf1942 PD mod for a long time. I decided to wait for Unreal 3 though. wich will be the first game engine that will give amateur developers the power to make something really cool.

by the way the empire has machine guns.

How do you know Unreal 3 will be able to do that?

I always wanted to get into mods but I know nothing about them.

Its basically planetside in the air. But wouldn’t it be sweet? No servers, no rooms nothig just one big world for all.

I’m pretty sure you would still need servers.

nope, if planetside can do it, so can this game

Who would the other army be fighting the empire?

The Seekers is the most obvious since they are the ones apart from the Empire who really know ancient tech.

Sounds like an OK idea, I’m not fond of Planetside (or other MMO games) myself. And I don’t see why it should be restricted in the air either, just have it all in for variety.
Also, why would you invent a new enemy and not just have Seekers vs The Empire to have a nice difference between the two ‘factions’?
the Seekers would use a little tech (just as much is needed to bring them to a decent level of power) but mostly nature (allying with wormriders for the baldors, using coolia cavalry, other beasts, whatever else ‘primitive’ they have) while the Empire would of course use more of the Ancient technology.

No Dragon? :anjou_wow:

It’s a good idea but implant the dragon into it somehow.
Like the Empire might be able to call upon Atolm or the anti-dragons as a weapon, a special unit or something and the seekers, if used, can call upon Lagi.

TBS? I didnt say limited to aireal combat but the empire is big on airships. There will be land too. There will be other hidden areas to explore.

I agree with not having the dragon in such a game, though the Empire could use dragonmares I guess…

TBS = Turn Based Strategy (Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy Tactics, etc) as RTS = Real Time Strategy (Command & Conquer, Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War etc)

Do the seekers have any sort of monstous capital ship that is capable of carruing other aircrafts? if so they could work.

They don’t even have aircrafts… (which is why I had them ally with wormriders above) but that could just be another difference to have the factions offer a different experience and not be the same thing with simply different looks…