Panzerense Music?


I think PD Orta has a good soundtrack but Like Drenholm said, there wasn’t a track that really stood out from the rest. But there wasn’t a track that was really bad either. If I have to choose my favourite track, it would be Imperial City.


I love the pd orta sound track…dont dis it.


Great that you like Orta’s soundtrack… that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t think it’s great. Telling me not to state my opinion is absurd.


One of the things I’ve always liked about you Parn, even when you were posting at SFC, is that you are never afraid to express your opinions.

The Orta OST tracks that brought back memories of the Saturn trilogy for me were City in the Storm, Imperial City and Legacy. Great tracks IMO. Ancient Weapon 1 started out really great but didn’t keep up the initial pace until looping again.


Ditto Geoff!


Heh, City In The Storm caught my ears REALLY fast… and Imperial City is actually used in my Final Fantasy XI replacement music since I overwrote that game’s musical score with songs of my own choice for when I’m gaming on it. Final Fantasy XI’s default music is weak and uninspiring. I threw Imperial City into this one area that looks relatively ominous, with ruins of what was obviously once a great city now filled with beastmen, and it works so well.

Speaking of SFC… I haven’t been there in well over a year. The community there just thoroughly disgusted me. Most attempts to have serious discussion about games and such fell quickly. That is perhaps one of the strongest points of the Panzer Dragoon and Phantasy Star communities (discounting Phantasy Star Online); while they are small in size, they are full of people that are really passionate about the games, with players that notice all those little details that developers put in.


Although SFC enjoys the bustle of almost 2000 members, the Shining community died a long time ago. If the off-topic boards disappeared at SFC, most of its members would cease to exist. I can only imagine how strong the community would be there now if Sega had translated the complete Shining Force 3. As a non-Japanese fan of the series I feel totally alienated.

Ah well, perhaps Sega will revive the series in the form of a new console game (Sega did announce the development of a “new” Shining Force game some time back but whether or not this remake was it remains to be seen).


I didnt mean that, sorry just saying that its great, i got crarried away…

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