Panzerense Music?

Ok.Time to see what you guys think about the music in Panzer Dragoon Orta.Rate each song in a 0 to 20 scale.
Feel free to add any comment.

  1. Fall of the Ancient World - 12

  2. Dragonmares - 16 (Imperialish!)

  3. City in the Storm - 17 (The best track in the whole OST.That part at 1.11 is just BREATHTAKING!!! People may say this OST is not very apnzerish but this moment certainly is!!!)

  4. Altered Genos - 9

  5. The Fallen Ground - 8

  6. Ancient Weapon 1 - 12

  7. Worm Riders - 10

  8. Gigantic Fleet - 14

  9. Pain - 12

  10. Eternal Glacies - 12

  11. Ancient Weapon 2 - 16 (that beginning is like a omen of kewlness! :slight_smile: )

  12. Legacy - 10

  13. Forbidden Memories - 10

  14. Imperial City - 10

  15. The End of Destiny - 14

  16. Anu Orta - 13

  17. Iva - 11

  18. Anu Orta (Instrumental) - 12

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I couldn’t agree more. The fast paced electric tempo of the track combined with the intruding oriental wind-pipes reflect the clash of new and old cultures within the Empire.

I totally agree. Prior to playing PDO, I had my fears that the unique music of the series would have been watered down into the mainstream; that track reassured me straight away, however, by both being very good and having such distinctive Panzer elements.

No one knew the definition of “Panzerish music” better than the composers who worked on Panzer Dragoon Orta, as they also composed the music for Panzer Dragoon Saga.

Permit me to disagree…

The key word is Azuma!

Who? :slight_smile:

Hmm, is the music from Panzer Dragoon 1 ‘panzerish’ or not? :wink:

I like the first levels music…very…orchastra.

Some of the songs in PD1 seems kind of…disco-ish to me. I think PDZ is what we’re basing “panzerish” off of.

Panzerish smenzerish!

I like 95% of PD1’s music.
I like 85% of PDZ’s music.
I like 90% of PDS music.
I like 45% of PDO’s music.

(doesn’t necesserally mean PD1’s the best - just that I LIKE (as in yes or no) almost every theme.

Panzerish is what makes me think about PD.

And Geoff Mr.Azuma pwns all j00 foos!!!

Ah, that makes sense. I guess it would still be Zwei for me since I played that one first (and possibly longest).

Although I’d like to think that I could recognize at least 80% of the music in any PD game and thus think of it.

The key word is Azuma![/quote]

The bad guy from the new Beyblade™ cartoon!

Panzer Dragoon Saga has the best soundtrack, BY FAR. The instruments used almost sound organic and sounds just as alien as the Panzer Dragoon universe, itself. Saori Kobayashi and Mariko Nanba did an EXCELLENT job composing.

I only hope that when Panzer Dragoon Saga II comes out that they compose the soundtrack for it too, since the Panzer Dragoon Orta soundtrack was obviously missing something important.

yeah… it sounded to arcade for my taste. however it had lots of elements taken from saga.

as with the game itself, the composers had most likely no fresh ideas, even Anu Orta Venia is a step back, pretty generic synth orchestra (most of Sona Mi… is synth as well, except for the strings)

I so hope i could hear an orchestra version of Sona Mi eventually, With Itoh-san live… that would be fantastic.

Orta’s soundtrack was pretty good, but it didn’t have as many tracks that really stood out as brilliant, like Atolm Dragon in Saga, for instance. I think that if the next game is an RPG, it will have a better soundtrack, because RPGs tend to have better soundtracks than other genres, IMO.

Though many will probably disagree, I think Saga’s greatest song is Premonition of War - especially at 1:42 - 2:12. It really heightens the emotional experience and really gives a good feel to the PD world aurally.

Anyone else noticed that “Premonition of War” is an instrumental remix of Sona Mi Areta Ec Sancitu?

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If “Premonition of War” is one of the Valley background tracks, most definitely. (Sorry, I don’t have the soundtrack CDs and so have no idea of what the official names are.)

Why tlk about something th game just doesnt wanna solve its only for ze fun…

I have a hard time choosing between Zwei and Saga for best compositions.

I still haven’t played Orta, but from a musical standpoint without nostalgia affecting my opinion, I’d say Orta’s music is average at best. I really liked City In The Storm, but overall, none of the songs really wow me at all like those in the previous three games when I first heard them.