Panzer Saga reprinted?

True but most content companies seem to want to have total control over ‘their’ content even if it makes no sense. Even if something if 10 years old and there is no way they could ever make money from it again most just wouldn’t ever do something that brings them no money (like let people use that old content).

So it probally makes no sense and if it’s really unethical to use that old content anyway is a good question but companies that like control lobby hard to ensure all the laws go their way. So as long as they have the power it’s going to stay illegal as stupid as it is. That said the chances of getting in trouble for a personal download are pretty much nill. It’s the people who put things up for download that get targeted.

It is extremley unliley that it will happen…
But reprints sometimes don’t devalue the original as collectors would still buy the original print regardless of whether it had been reprinted or not at a later date. And studens with no money etc would buy the reprint. :anjou_love:

It’s a pipe dream and I’m still gonna have to lay down $150+ on ebay for the damn game…

I have the Japanese version which I don’t mind playing at all as a good deal of the story is visual and I can catch up on the bits I don’t get in my english walkthrough ;p

I don’t like the idea unless sega was offered all money that was made from the reprint

That’s the general Idea…
We’re talking about legal re-prints here.
Not some shmuck in a CD factory knocking off extra copies of Panzer.
NOT THAT it’s GOING to happen.

How am I so confident that it wont you may ask?

  1. A REPRINT company is NOT going to PORT a SATURN title written in ASSEMBLEY to a PLAYSTATION.

  2. What financial sense would it make at all? About 3 people would buy it.

I don’t mind companies keeping their property to themselves.
They created it, they have the right to do with it as they please and it’s nothing to do with joe bloggs and his angsty teenage piracy rebellion.

The reprints originally talked about here are reprints that play on the same system the original games were made for as far as I can see.

So, no, you won’t see it on the Playstation no matter what.

If it was in fact ported I’m sure it would be bought by more than 3 people. Word of mouth is quite powerful and Saga has grown to legendary status. Many would seek it out.

I’m sure the more popular publications would pick up on the news and give atleast a heads up to their readers too.

But no it’s not going to happen and it wasn’t the point of this thread on first place.

Well I’d doubt we would see it soon but as technology increases and we already have Xbox live arcade and the Nintendo revolution ‘backwards compatibility’ with many older systems. Perhaps in the next few generations things will get fast enough that we will be able to download saga and other saturn games to our terrabyte hardrives in our consoles via 100mbit internet connections… (and play them like the promised downloads for old nintendo games for the revolution.)

You my friend, have not lived.

I really hope they go ahead with a reprint whether it is released on ps2 or saturn (I don’t know why but I’d rather have it on Saturn). I think if they don’t overdo the amount of reprints then they stand to make a lot of money from a lot of people who seek out this game. I hope its not forgotten under the new generation consoles.

I think this would probably increase the price of the original 1998 releases.

Since I posted that, I have downloaded it off bittorrent and played it on my Saturn with the disc swap trick. Best game I’ve ever played. :anjou_happy:

you did what now?

links please and whats this disc swap you speak of?

If it was to be re-released it would be the best news I’ve heard in my life. All I want is Shenmue III and Panzer Dragoon Saga, as I only had the shitty demo disc! :anjou_sigh:

That “shitty demo disc” was the entire first disc of the game - there’s no difference :anjou_sigh:

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