Panzer Dragoon Saga value

I sadly have never had the chance to play Panzer Dragoon Saga. I am now seriously considering bidding for it on E-Bay. I was just wondering what price to you believe it is really worth right now? I’ve seen it sold for 220+ so I am wondering is it really worth it to go above 150?

Spend your money on something else. Seriously, I don’t care how good hardcore Sega fans think Panzer Dragoon Saga is, because you can buy far better games now for a fraction of the price.

The bottom line is: Panzer Dragoon Saga isn’t worth the current asking price on Ebay.


(But no, it isn’t. Really.)

If you’re really, genuinely determined to play PDS, and you can find it reasonably cheap (i.e. the same price or not much more than a normal game), and you’re the kind of person who can appreciate considerably old games, you’d probably find it worth it. Really though, the common asking prices are getting ridiculous these days; PDS really was an excellent game, but it’s hard for any Saturn game to stand the test of six years and still impress someone who’s completely new to it.

I get the impression that most people here picked it up in the shops in 1998 (or at least played it some time ago), and the sheer goodness of the game then has stayed with us. I can’t help thinking that many modern players must feel dissappointed if they spend that much on the game, though; I wouldn’t say it matters how amazing a game was in its day, for a newcomer this many years later no game is immortal.

I’ve heard of people buying it with the intent of selling it on again when they’ve finished it, though; if you’ve got the immediately spare cash and you’d be happy to do that kind of thing, it might be worth considering.

Well Saga isn’t worth 200$ but normal console games ain’t 75$ worth either.

I’ve seen a copy of PDS at 85$ the other day at Ebay believe it or not.
If you can’t get a fair price wait a bit more.Still buy the game if you can.

i got PDS for $80, but it came with guardian heroes (which is another proce gouged game o_O). it was like they were paying me $20 to take both of the games :smiley:

but anyway, i wouldn’t spend over $100 on it. and worth aside, you could always just sell it for the same price that you bought it for.

the majority of what you’ll find should be between $60-$120. if you’re saying that it looks like $150+ i’d say wait a while (few months) and check again.

burning rangers still impresses me… but i’m crrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy

If you really want it as a collectors item, then I guess it would be worth it. But I don’t think it would really be worth paying that amount for any video game unless you’ve got lots of spare cash. Sega aren’t making any money off the copies sold on eBay, so you’d be better off spending your money on their newer games.

If you want my opinion, I’d say get your Saturn chipped and download/burn a copy of it. I know some people would say that’s wrong, but quite honestly there is NO point in paying $200 for Panzer Dragoon Saga unless you’re wanting it as a collectors item.

Don’t listen to some of the tw8ts on e-bay. SAGA isn’t as rare as someo f them like to make out.

If you shop around with a few import shops expect to pay no more than ?100 (uk copy). I tend to see SAGA going for ?90.

Which is a fair price. It’s worth the money as it’s the 2nd best RPG ever made in my view. And with time will only start to go up more in price than what it costs now

[quote=“Lance Way”] but it’s hard for any Saturn game to stand the test of six years and still impress someone who’s completely new to it.


Not if you play RSG, X-Men Vs Street Fighter, Soukyugurentai, Battle Garegga, Shinrei Jusatsushi TAROMARU

I was only talking in general terms, as it really depends on who you are and how receptive you are to old games. In my experience though, it’s hard for most players to see an ageing game in the same light that others did back in the year of its release, no matter how excellent that game was. That’s no fault of the game or of the player, of course; it’s just an inevitable consequence of things moving on. It’s hard to fully appreciate how truly excellent Panzer Dragoon Saga was in 1998 when you no longer live in 1998.

Thank you very much for your input guys, I 'll think about it but now from reading about it I doubt i’ll bid, thanks again.

Hello everyone this is my first post, but I wanted to react to this thread. While PDS isn’t anything wonderful to look at anymore the visuals are still decent. The music and sounds are top notch. Maybe its because I remember getting my hands on a copy when it first was released, but recently I bought a Saturn and PDS and after beating games like FFX, and Xenosaga I still find myself liking and enjoying this game much more. Overall I would say its worth the price.

I paid, what I now know, to be an obscene amount. Basically I spent $260 Australian on an imperfect copy (damaged manual, no outer box) so its value as a collectors item is non existant, which is damn painful cos I seriously doubt its resale value.
HOWEVER desiring this game for so long I still viewed it with eyes of adoration. PDS was an incredible experience, but I am largely an unexperienced player to RPGs. Had I played something more substantial, like SW:KOTOR (which I played after) it may be quite underwhelming. And thats the question to be asked, for the money one must spend with this provide enough thrill? Fortunately for myself, it did.

I bought PDS in 1998, and I fell in love with that game. It is by far the best PanDra title, in my opinion. But I am also a huge RPG fan; so I could be bias. :slight_smile:

In any case, PDS is a wonderful experience for any RPG or PanDra fan, it gives you more background information on the PanDra world than any other game to date. I really hope we will one day see another great PanDra RPG in the future, it would be a pity if that where not the case.

I know some people would say that’s wrong, but quite honestly there is NO point in paying $200 for Panzer Dragoon Saga unless you’re wanting it as a collectors item.<<

I agree- I am against piracy for things you can buy and support for the developer, but all this purchase would do is support the ebay seller- Team Andromeda isn’t helped at all. If Sega would release a port for Ps2 then I’d say buy it, but they are just sitting on it and doing nothing.

Find an iso of the game and play it on Giri-Giri- it will look better as well.

I’m not sure how good GiriGiri would be for a first-time player; all the standard 3D visuals are wonderfully enhanced by the high res, but a lot of the other graphical effects do come out buggy and messed up. In most areas I actually thought the Saturn’s ageing graphics would be preferable to all the faulty visuals; the sound effects and music end up pretty bad too, and the random game crashes can go from mildly irritating to an absolute nightmare at times. I’d still recommend the Saturn for now, at least until improved emulators make their way onto the scene.

Speaking of which, does anyone know how Saturn emulation is progressing at the moment? I haven’t checked up on it for some time now…

Nothin notable Lance, don’t worry, there’s no chance you’ll miss a good emulator release, I’ll make sure it’s all over the place :stuck_out_tongue:
Satournin and Satourne are as promising as ever but it’s still fairly soon to expect playable games (Apart from perhaps some weird japanese puzzlers)
On the other hand we now have Dreamcast emulation to look forward to (I’m especially happy about it since I’ll get to see all the japanese games that everyone’s been talking about) with Chankast’s release and promising future :slight_smile:

I’ve been wanting to get PDS for about 3 years now, and I finally got a job about 2 years ago. My mom will be letting me get a Saturn, Panzer Dragoon, and Panzer Dragoon II Zwei. She is getting me Panzer Dragoon Saga in September :). I guess I’m lucky ^_~.

But this topic has made me nervous about liking it… I’m not really a graphics whore; my favorite games are typically a bit older… My favorite RPG I’ve played is probably FFVI, Chrono Trigger, or Skies of Arcadia Legends. Do you think I’d like PDS?

You’ll be amazed that’s for sure.

Modern gamers be darned. Graphics aside, Panzer Dragoon Saga is STILL one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve ever played. I reckoned I’ve already breezed through it 8 times. Its story, battle system, sense of atmosphere, attention to character, and darkness are unparalled. And yes, it even has a better sense of humor than FF7. And I’m always comparing the game to newer modern games that are always coming out. PDS still comes out on top, even over Knights of the Old Republic.

But on the other hand, I don’t think any game should be worth that much, unless it was the last surviving copy in existence. If a true lover of Panzer Dragoon Saga was that willing to give up such a treasure and share it with the world, price wouldn’t be an issue.