Panzer Dragoon Saga Upscaled and Widescreen

Hello first off want to say how much this website has helped me and also just being an overall awesome repository for all things Panzer Dragoon and thanks for that. I wanted to drop in and say I did a long play recent of all 4 CD’s of Saga on the Yabause emulator but I went ahead and upscaled it about 16x and used HexEdit to changed some values to enable a proper aspect ratio 16:9 widescreen. I know it’s not an original hardware but I tried to make the most cleanup version of the game I can after seeing not many good quality stuff on Youtube. Again thanks for the website and just wanted to give a link to my playlist if you wish to add it. Link


Welcome and I’m glad you’ve found the site useful.

How large would all of your videos be in MB/GB? I ask because we have limited storage space, so we have to be selective regarding what we decide to add to the archive.

I compressed them down to 20gb each but I think even a more compressed version will be too much to host but I can if you wish. Well in any case the Youtube link is there for anyone wanting to see. Thanks again!

Yeah, our total webspace is about 20GB so we won’t be able to host them. But it might be worth us linking to YouTube videos such as these somewhere in the archive. I’ll have a think about where we could put them.