Panzer Dragoon Saga Soundtrack

I was recently listening to the Azel OST and yet again was absolutely captivated by the music.

My personal favorite is Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu, I just love the sweeping vocals in the beginning. I also like Village of the Seekers and Wings.

What are your particular favorite songs from the series in general?

My mood swings, by definition.Everytime I answer a topic like this one I throw in a different name so I’ll give it a shot this time.

PD1 - “The Imperial District Goes Up In Flames” is still at large and unbeatable.If they do a new PD game in the future I want a replication of PD1’s Episode 6 along with this powerful track.

PD2 - “Duel” is something I’m appreciating more and more everytime I listen to it and it really relocates my mind to Georgious.Besides it’s the track for possibly the best level fo the game.

PDSaga - “Interception” remains the champion here.But “Village of the Seekers” makes me wish to die if I never get a new PD game :stuck_out_tongue:

A Premonition of War is the best Panzer Dragoon song EVER…it’s a song that just captures the mood perfectly.

Panzer Dragoon’s Staff Roll is a good track, while admittedly not representative of the series’s musical evolution. Giant Creature from Zwei creates such an atmosphere of tension or fear, and Sea of Ice has a cool melody… wish I could explain it better!

What else… ah, on to Saga. A tricky one! I can’t name favourites for any of the games, but from this one I quite like the Giant Being tracks, Atolm Dragon, Ancient Weapon, Giant Warship and the Vision tracks. I mostly listen to the energetic battle tracks, as you can tell. I should listen to the others more!

Guardian Dragon, Interception, Atolm Dragon and the one from the Imperial Air Base whose name I forget :\



track 27 on disc one, i dont remember the title, but i know its Paet’s theme. its one of my favorites, and the theme that you unlock with a saved file of zwei, where one gets the music box. I would say those two, though its so difficult to pick, would be near the top of my list

See Shadow?!There are other Paet.mp3 fans out there!

Welcome Graciaman. :anjou_happy:

Yeah same here!

Holy Chariot and Dragon Spirit just amaze me at the moment =)

What I’d like to know is where to find some Orta music. XD

I hear it can be found on the Panzer Dragoon Orta soundtrack CD. :wink:

Seriously though, Solo was thinking about putting the PD soundtracks up on the site last time I talked to him on the subject, so he may or may not be planning to add the PDO soundtrack at some point in the future. (The CD isn’t as totally out of circulation and nigh-impossible-to-find as the older PD soundtrack CDs, but it’s not particularly easy to find a copy at this stage either.)

BTW, Solo, did you get that PM I sent you about the PD soundtracks last week? :slight_smile: I was curious to know if this was still going ahead…

I absolutely enjoy Sealed Spirit and the Uru theme (Sunken Ruins I believe). The song played during resting at camp is also great.

I probably won’t put the Panzer Dragoon Orta OST on TWotA at this stage; if Sega can still profit from people buying it, I’d rather not get in their way. Hopefully (if everything goes as planned) we’ll be able to get all the other soundtracks up for download though, which should be great, as nearly all of the music from the Panzer Dragoon games is fantastic. :anjou_happy:

Favourite tracks from Orta: Ancient Weapon 1, Gigantic Fleet and Anu Orta Veniya Eri Itoh. My favourite track of all time is probably ‘Expected Enemy’ (at least I think that’s what it’s called) from the last boss of zwei and fought again in Saga.

edit: listening to Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu, and it’s suddenly as if I’m back playing Panzer Dragoon Saga for the first time. Great song. The reason I didn’t remember it I think is because it was played at the end, which was sadder than it was anything else.

I love all of the music in the PD series, and it’s hard to pick favourites, but here goes:

PDE: Empire, and the Opening Theme from the opening FMV sequences.

PDZ: The Expected Enemy, Giant Creature, and Lagi and Lundi.

PDS: Ancient Weapon, Atolm Dragon, Water Ruins, Ecce Valde Generous Ale, Path to the Being, Pure Blood Seed, and Village of the Seekers.

PDO: Ancient Weapon I, Ancient Weapon II, IVA, and The Fallen Ground.

which remix do you guys like better, the one with or without the guitar?

Are we on about the Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu remixes here from the Memorable RPG album ?.
If so I like neither to say the truth , but the one on the 1st disc Track#30 is much better. The heavy drum sample on the other CD 2 #29 just seems to out of place.

Some of my fav?s from the SAGA Album are
Track# 2 and 29 - I just love the electric keyboard in these

Track# 13 - Will any song ever beat the camping music, one track you just can?t get ouf of your head

Track# 21- For me this is TA music, just get vision of their logo when blasting this. May have something to do this music was playing when I 1st saw their logo and a demo disc.

Trac#k 27 ? Almost as catchy as the Camping song

no I meant the remix of “the fallen ground” from PDO. the remix that made it into the final gamehas a guitar and some tribal drums, the one in the E3 demo didn’t.

I prefer the one without the guitar. Reminds me of the earlier music from past games more.