Panzer Dragoon Saga on Cassini

Is it possible to play this game from start to finish on the Cassini emulator? I read in another thread that there are ‘freezing’ problems.
Where does it freeze? So far I have played the first 30 minutes or so of the game on Cassini and it seems fine.

It works fine most of the time, but there are specific parts of the game where a character will start to say something, but suddenly their voice cuts out and the game just hangs (it still runs, but it doesn’t continue the dialog). Apperently, someone said the workaround was to majorly slow down the emualtor at the parts where this happens (like run it on 700 mhz computer, or use some kind of CPU limiter program). Also there is a full set of savegames in the download section of this site.

Solis has summed up pretty much everything; when I played through the game to make those save-game files for the site, I ran the emulator slowly (on a weak PC), which seemed to get around the freezing problem. The first place it occurs is the battle with the Gigra at the end of the Garil Desert; there’s some dialogue right before the battle starts, and the game usually locks up there.

All of the freezing problems occur where there’s dialogue immediately before a battle; when the emulator’s run at full speed, it usually crashes in these places, although occasionally it doesn’t. I don’t think anyone’s managed to play through the game normally on an emulator yet, though.