Panzer Dragoon Saga Official Artworks


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Here an archive with some official PDS artworks (from various sources including old PDS Sega site) which are not already in Pictures categorie and/or are in better resolution:

PDS_official_Artworks.rar (52.57MB)

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@ Solo Wing: Will PM you soon :wink:


Thanks again @JacKc, we’ll go through and add/replace these images when we have time.


Thanks Jack. It’s appreciated.


Apologies @JacKc , as we still haven’t added these. Unless another admin wants to do this, we may have to put this off for another couple of weeks until I personally have time.


No problemo…The most important was to share them with the community :wink:


I’ve new uploaded all of your these images, except one:

This is similar to an existing image on TWOTA:

@JacKc can tell me where both images are from? I would like to label them correctly if we’re going to have both on the site.


Both images comes from the Japanese SEGA saturn game “Azel Panzer Dragoon RPG”. To be more precise, it comes from the CD back insert.

Mine was probably resize and cut to only show the artwork.

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I’ve uploaded it and labeled it “artwork only”:

Thanks again @JacKc.




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Solo I took the liberty of removing the text and changing the brightness and contrast of this wonderful image! You can add it as a second version to the site if you want: