More Panzer Dragoon Saga Official Artworks

Found one more official artwork from old PDS official site which seems to not being in the TWOTA pictures database:

Is that the highest resolution version you’ve found?

Sadly this is the highest resolution i’ve found for this image. Too bad as we can see the full original artwork.

Searching and seeking if i could find more official artworks from SEGA for Panzer Dragoon Saga, i’ve found some characters artworks which are already in the Panzer Dragoon Saga Official Art - Characters category on TWOTA but without the LAGI logo.

I think it will be a good idea to replace those iamges with logo with those without logo.
Here’s the link major some pictures not yet in the TWOTA pictures database:
Panzer Dragoon Saga Official Artworks.rar (2.19MB)

There are a lot of pictures in that RAR file. Are they all to be replaced? How does the resolution compare with Lagi’s images?

All pictures with © SEGA ENTERPRISES, LTD. needs to be added because they are official artworks released by SEGA.
In case same artwork / picture is already in the database, i suggest to add the new one with © SEGA ENTERPRISES, LTD. and put in comment “official artwork released by SEGA”.

Concerning the World and Scenes and Creatures pictures, they are not yet in TWOTA pictures database.

Finally the pictures i’ve found without LAGI’s logo are almost identical in resolution and size except few ones which are a little smaller and less blury than LAGI’s ones.


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@JacKc can you please separate the new images and those which need to be replaced into two RAR files?

You can upload the new images yourself, but I will need to replace the existing ones.

Hi Solo,

Here are the link to download the archive with images which need to be replaced:

Characters to be replaced.rar (950.99KB)

On a side note i notice some pictures are twice in:

Panzer Dragoon Official Art

  • Blue Dragoon (Moebius)
  • Imperial Fleet (Moebius)

Panzer Dragoon Saga Official Art - Characters pictures:

  • Arwen 01
  • Azel 03
  • Azel 04
  • Azel 05
  • Gash Riding Coolia
  • Seekers
  • Zastava 01

Panzer Dragoon Saga Official Art - Ads and Posters pictures:

  • Panzer Dragoon Saga Poster 03

Panzer Dragoon Saga Official Art - Creatures pictures

  • Basic Wing
  • Panzer Wing

Panzer Dragoon Saga Official Art - World and Scenes

  • Excavation Site #74 01

For info i uploaded a Scan of the Panzer Dragoon PC Conversion (1997 Japanese Release) Box Front which is not yet published.

Finally i will upload the new images myself :wink:

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I just tried to download that RAR file, but it’s only 950.99KB. Too small to contain all of those images.

As requested the archive contains only images (the ones with Lagi’s logo) which need to be replaced. I’ve already uploaded new images (check my drafts).

The images i notice which are twice are already in the TWOTA pictures database. You just need to delete the old ones and keep only one of each.

Ah, apologies, I see that the archive extracts okay. I’ll upload the images soon and publish the ones that you’ve already uploaded. Thanks @JacKc.

I’ve published the images @JacKc - let me know if everything looks okay.

I didn’t publish “Panzer Dragoon Saga Azel Bed” and “Panzer Dragoon Saga Azel Sit”. These appear to be duplicates (check the PDS character art section). Should I just delete the drafts?

“Panzer Dragoon Saga Azel Bed” and “Panzer Dragoon Saga Azel Sit” are not really duplicates as they are official artworks from SEGA with © SEGA ENTERPRISES, LTD. on them.
It could be interesting to keep them as we can see on these images full original artwork (compare to the other ones we already have which seems to be truncated), even if they are in low-res.

Alright, I’ve renamed them to “Azel 10” and “Azel 11” and published them in the category with the other official character art.

Thanks a lot Solo for keeping and adding them to the TWOTA Pictures database :smile:


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