Panzer Dragoon Saga gun (1)


Here’s my first contribution.
It is a gun from Panzer Dragoon Saga, the one that Edge uses throughout his journey. I must say that finding reference material for the gun was pretty difficult. I literally had to take screenshot of the cutscenes to get a good look at the gun.
Anyway I am planning on doing a Panzer Dragoon Saga cosplay act next year with my sister. So this gun will make a fine prop for the act.

The gun also has LED lights build into it.


That’s pretty cool! Nice job!


It looks quite close to what I remember, nice job. And I think you’re right; unlike Orta’s gun, there’s no close up artwork of Edge’s gun.

Also just to confirm, when you said “contribution” you intended for this to go on the main site? Normally these are categorised under “Contributions” so we know that the content needs to be added to the site.


Yeah I intended it to go on the mainsite. I didn’t saw the Contribution category when I created the post.
I will categorise it under contributions next time when I post some fanmade stuf that I created.


Published on the website.