Panzer Dragoon Saga and Zwei prototypes

Huge thanks to Solo Wing Dragon, Dragon Phoenix, Scott, Grumbler, alavaliant, Saturn_Worship, Lance Way, Gehpnaet, Heretic Agnostic,
roushimsx, Shadow, snowgirl_orta and Chizzles!

Get the torrent here :slight_smile:


w00t! Trying to download as we speak. 0kb/s at the moment but I’m sure it’ll pick up. Cheers DRX, you’re the man. And much appreciation to everyone who contributed - it really shows what we Panzerites can do when we group together :anjou_happy:

leaves PC on for the foreseeable future, seeding Panzer goodness

Excellent, thanks a great deal for this, DRX. I’m downloading the files now using the http links you emailed to the donators.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to seed the torrent using the http downloads (since they should be identical files)?

An update will be added to the main page shortly.

edit - Everything’s uploaded

Direct Download Links:
Panzer Dragoon Saga - Sep 16, 1997 prototype - Disc 1
Panzer Dragoon Saga - Nov 30, 1997 prototype - Disc 1
Panzer Dragoon Saga - Nov 30, 1997 prototype - Disc 2
Panzer Dragoon Saga - Nov 30, 1997 prototype - Disc 3
Panzer Dragoon Saga - Dec 22, 1997 prototype - Disc 1
Panzer Dragoon Saga - Dec 30, 1997 prototype - Disc 3
Panzer Dragoon Saga - Dec 30, 1997 prototype - Disc 4
Panzer Dragoon Zwei - 45% prototype (preview) - Feb 02, 1996

Use these to help seed the torrent for everyone else (you know, people not on the forum), but do a brother a favor and don’t go blindly pasting these links elsewhere (other forums, sites, etc).

I know that asking the links not to spread like wildfire outside of this forum is like saying, “You can stay here as long as you want, but you can’t touch my daughter!”, but it sure would be nice if y’all would just be so kind as to not spread them for the time being. Be a team player by seeding the torrent so that everyone else can partake in the love.

Shut down your torrent software right quick and drop the files that you’d already downloaded into the directory that was created by the torrent. Fire the torrent back up and you’ll be a seeder.

Unfortunately I got a stupid internet connection with a router blocking me from using torrents. I get 2KB speeds…And unfortunately I can’t access the router options myself since this is a shared internet connection (various apartments in my building) so no port forwarding.

My torrent is stuck at 11.7 mb, but I’m sure the prototypes will be worth the wait.

Will you be able to download the direct HTTP links all right?


Will you be able to download the direct HTTP links all right?[/quote]

Is that a trick question? Anyway, I already have (downloaded them).

No, was just gonna be nice and offer to send you a disc. BUT FINE!

Finished uploading and linking all of the discs for direct download. If you do download them, please use them to seed the torrent for a while. Even if you have a crummy 2-5k/s cap, it’ll help do wonders for spreading these out to whoever might be interested.

Sorry, rats tend to be skeptical when it comes to getting help from people!

There seems to be an issue mounting these images with Daemon Tools. With the Sep 16, 1997 prototype, you can mount the cue or the bin file, but the bin file doesn’t let you get further than the end of the intro movie, whereas mounting the cue file lets you access the whole disc.

When attempting to mount the cue file using the other prototypes, the following error occurs:

“Unable to mount image. File not accessible.”

This is possibly a daemon tools issue, so I will investigate other options.

Which version of Daemon Tools are you using? If you’re using the 4.x versions, try uninstalling and going with v3.47. I’ve been sticking with 3.47 for the past few years and it’s never let me down. :slight_smile:

AFAIK the situation is roughly as follows: the bin file of a bin/cue image is a raw dump of all of the data on a cd. The cue file is a plain text file containing metadata that wasn’t literally part of the disc’s data (such as the locations of track boundaries, which the ripping software would have deduced).

The cue file also contains the pathnames of all of the files that really make up the disk image: in this case a bin file, but the format supports multiple files such as a wav file for each audio track. (The bin file won’t contain the name of its cue file because it’s just a raw dump of what was on the CD.)

Conceptually, the cue file is the image file, because it’s a listing of all of the other files that make up the image (plus some metadata). Unlike the bin file, it contains all the info needed to use the image.

So it’s best practice to open the cue file with image-reading programs (like Daemon Tools) rather than the bin. If you try opening the bin file, your program might be coded to look for a correspondingly named cue file and read that, but not necessarily. It sounds like DT probably isn’t from what you say: my guess is that the cue file is not being read, and that trying to use the bin without its metadata is causing errors.

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]When attempting to mount the cue file using the other prototypes, the following error occurs:

“Unable to mount image. File not accessible.”[/quote]

Sounds like the path to the bin file (in the cue file) might be incorrect. These cues don’t have absolute paths in them, do they? (Some apps put absolute rather than relative paths in the cue files they make, which obviously causes problems when copying the bin/cue to another system…)

Edit: I just got around to looking at one of the cue files, and it contains two problems: an absolute path and an incorrect filename (I guess drx renamed the files after the cue was generated). The relevant line is the first in the file:


Try changing the path to the bin’s current filename and see if that solves the prob, for example:

FILE “Panzer Dragoon Saga (Prototype - Dec 22, 1997) (Disc 1).bin” BINARY

(I don’t have the ability to play the images myself right now.)

(Post edited for clarity many times…)

I emailed drx about this before but i thought i might as well post it here.
I was planning to burn the first azel disc to CD, and use the saturn swap trick.

Alcohol 120% mounts the game fine, but it wouldn’t burn to CD (it would fail at about 96.7% or something stupid)

drx suggested using CloneCD, ths seemed to burn fine, but i couldn’t get the disk swap trick to work (i think my method was ok… but possibility it could have been the CD)
anyone else got the disk swap trick to work? - if they’ve tried it that is

i’m using SSF for now

Swap trick is for n00bz!!!11 sells Saturn chips for ?13 :stuck_out_tongue:

try one!

Alcohol 120 was telling me “File Not Accessible” whenever I try to load the image of Ziew (edited the cue files to fix)

Why is the music often corrupted on the title screen of prototypes? Seems to be common place feature on Saturn protos :stuck_out_tongue:

Scott, and anyone else who’s having problems: I’ve just uploaded a set of fixed cue files here:


Put the new cue file in the same folder as the bin file before you try to use it. Also (as I mentioned above) when a program asks you to open or select a file, always choose the cue, not the bin.

I’ll let drx know about the cue issue…

IMPORTANT EDIT: If you downloaded the above file shortly after I first put it up, please re-download: I made a silly error with the original upload…

Thanks for the help Lance/roushimsx. I’ll be retrying the prototypes with the updated cue sheets when I have some spare time.

It might be worth someone notifying DRX of this so that he can update the torrent.

Already done.