Panzer Dragoon Orta - limited edition vs. normal edition

Just a quick question, if anyone can help: when Panzer Dragoon Orta was first released in Japan, there was a limited edition version of it that included the “Die Panzer Dragoons Chronik” audio CD, and its packaging looked like this. What I was wondering is, are there any other differences between this edition of the game and the normal Japanese edition apart from the bonus CD and the stricker on the front of the box - are the other aspects of the packaging (and the manual and the game disc) all identical?

(Slightly boring question, I know, but I’m currently sorting out the products / merchandise section for the site and it’d be helpful to get this straight.)

EDIT: Oh, in case more images are helpful:

Limited edition’s case insert
Limited edition’s manual
Limited edition’s game disc

I wasn’t even sure if it was just a rumour or not (the limited version I mean).i heard it somewhere on the net long ago.What is the audio CD suposed to contain anyway?

As you can see I can’t answer your question :stuck_out_tongue:

Taor would probably be able to help… perhaps you should send him a PM?

Solo, was it the Orta soundtrack which came with Die Panzer Dragoons Chronik for you? It’s just I remember you mentioning it before, but don’t feel like sifting through Messenger logs. :anjou_happy:

The tracks are… I should I say, will be, back up on this site soon. Basically it’s the four track “Die Panzer Dragoons Chronik” CD which has various pieces of music from each of the four games.

I believe Taor is female, but yeah, she might be able to help.

Die Panzer Dragoons Chronik came with the limited edition (the one in the scans above). There are also two versions of the Orta album. The one is Japan is just the soundtrack, and the one that was released in the US (which I have) has some extra tracks from the Saturn games.

a necklace came with it, too

Wasn’t that the Limited Edition PDO Xbox rather than the Limited Edition of the game?

my limited edition game came with the neclace. it’s not exactly beautiful, I might sell it on ebay for a few bucks.

Is this the necklace we’re talking about…?

If so, I didn’t get one with my copy of the limited edition either… was it actually inside the packaging (inside the case) with your copy lordcraymen, and where did you buy yours from (if you don’t mind me asking)?

yes, that’s the one. it was stuffed inside the package. I ordered mine online from a very small company that is specialized in these things. the owner also was a PD fan and recognized my name =)

Interesting… I’ve seen a fair few copies of the limited edition on ebay over the last few months, and although the sellers always write that they include the Die Panzer Dragoons Chronik CD, they never say that they come with the necklace. From what I’ve gathered, the necklace was also an individual promo item in of itself (though it also got packaged with the PDO Xbox console); do you think it’s possible that the company you ordered from were given a bunch of necklaces by Sega, and just chose to include them free with the copies they shipped…? (Or was the case actually factory-sealed with the necklace inside, if you can remember?)

I can’t remember. I will try to get my copy signed by a certain someone this week though, to make it the same as my hand signed orta poster =)
Then in 100 years or so I can sell it and make millions =D


It’s a photo of my “Die Panzer Dragoons Chronik” audio CD. It containes 4 medleys of each PD game.

  1. “Panzer Dragoon” music trailer 4:02
  2. “Panzer Dragoon Zwei” Music Trailer 4:02
  3. “Azel -Panzer Dragoon RPG-” Music Trailer 4:12
  4. “Panzer Dragoon Orta” Music Trailer 4:08

The tracks are short digests. I like it, but also I feel that something is missing. If you have soundtracks of each PD game, you don’t have to get this audio CD… Please enjoy your version of PDO without anxiety.

LC and I have quite a few pictures to share once I get back to the US… :anjou_happy:

Haha yeah… that was fun.
Oh and now I have a very limited edition of orta, right? :anjou_happy:


Can you put the names to the faces?

from left to right

Yoshida Kentaro-san
Kawagoe Takayuki-san


That question wasn’t meant for you… :anjou_embarassed:

oops, sorry, I spoiled it huh? :anjou_disappointment:
well we still have some more pictures for the others to guess.
ok, at least one of the gentlemen was on the media quite a lot recently.