Panzer dragoon movie

Will there be any Panzer Dragoon movie?, What would you like it to be a CG animation like final fantasy movie or a movie with real life actors/actresses?

For me?, I think it would be better if they make it a movie with real actors/actresses with a “lord of the ring” & “starwars” special effects


There already is one. And the general consensus is it sucked.

1.) No, the OVA didn’t count, as it sucked
2.) CG

Panzer Dragoon is way too good for Hollywood - it shouldn’t be made into a movie…ever. Instead, I would much rather see a virtual reality rendition of the series - one that you can actually interact with.

Movies are stupid, boring, and so 20th century - they do not have a future.

Maybe we could make our own PD movie XD

snowie should play Azel. Why? She’s hot XP

Geoffrey would be Zadoc!

TSE could play the Baby Dragon :slight_smile:

Neil = Zastava =P


snowie should play Azel. Why? She’s hot XP[/quote]

Since when is Azel hot?


snowie should play Azel. Why? She’s hot XP

Since when is Azel hot?[/quote]

Since when is Snowie not hot?

I never said she wasn’t did I?I just fail to see what Azel and Snowie have in common…

I could fulfill my lifelong ambition of being Generic-Seeker-In-The-Background-#5! The fame, the glory!

Really though, the prospect of a real Panzer Dragoon film would worry me a bit - almost every movie made out of a game that I can think of has ended up being terrible. Admittedly it’s because they generally end up being “mainstreamed”, with he result being that they’re both cheesy as hell and they blatent contradict the plot/story of the game that they were based on. (Yes, I’m still shuddering from things like Street Fighter 2: The Moive, Super Mario Bros: The Movie and Mortal Combat: Annihilation almost a decade later, and the situation doesn’t seem to be getting much better.)

Movies of games don’t have to be terrible, by any means; in reality they commonly end up being simple cash-ins, but this doesn’t have to be the case. I’d have no problem with a Panzer Dragoon film if it actually turned out to be good, and didn’t screw up the plot of the series in some major way - and I’d personally prefer to see real people and computer graphics mixed, LOTR-style.

I dunno, I thought the Resident Evil movie was quite good.

Twas the best of them all that’s for sure.

I just don’t like Milla much…

They should have hired somebody who could act :frowning:
But don’t listen to me. I wanted them to base the movie off of the first game.

It should be directed by David Lynch.

i always wanted to be in a streets of rage movie… the soundtrack would be awesome.

there’s too much gameplay stuff in panzer dragoon to be able to convey that in a movie. i think it would have to just be a sidestory written in the panzer world. although it would have to be written with all the mystery and plenty of dragon laser action or else we will murder the author… AM I RIGHT!?

I think Iva’s story could be made into a movie.


just no.

hell no, in fact.