Panzer Dragoon Movie (Petition)

Well, i mentioned this is another thread.

What do you guys think about writting a letter to some movie companys esking them to evaluate PD potential for a movie.

Obviously, we need to gather lots of people, so if you know a PD fan telll him about this.

All 500 signatures will certainly convince them!

…You’ll probably find more success by harassing good directors/producers/scriptwriters with awesome Panzer Dragoon history and setting and story material which just may hook them… Along with the information about SEGA contacts etc…

[quote=“Al3xand3r”]All 500 signatures will certainly convince them!

…You’ll probably find more success by harassing good directors/producers/scriptwriters with awesome Panzer Dragoon history and setting and story material which just may hook them… Along with the information about SEGA contacts etc…[/quote]

Its worth trying, what do you loose by doing it?

What do you win?
Probably nothing, but pherhaps…you never know.

It would look anwsome on the big screen, dragons who spit lasers, anti-gravity engines, the gigantic shelcoof and the guardian dragoon, Azel and Atolm packed with the ancient guns, a terrific storyline with lots of mysteries.

I mean, this thing is better than Lord of The Rings or Harry Potter, and yet they have movies.

In the (generally) Hollywood mainstream arena, the only names that come to mind as someone who might not massacre the property, are Peter Jackson or Ang Lee.

(and I know a lot of people hated The Hulk, but screw them I liked it)

Peter is busy right now with T?m?raire ( great books ).

But yet, he might get interested, so, do we send a letter to him? I guess that if he reads the letters and then if he starts to actualy play PD (dunno), he might get interested.

Spilberg also crossed my mind.

“Spilberg also crossed my mind.”

thinks about the ‘evolution’ of Jurassic Park films, feels ill, runs to the can

Wasn’t one OVA massacring PD enough? :anjou_sad:

(in my mind this is how it would look)
Dear Mr. Jackson,
Would you make a movie based on my favorite video game series, Panzer Dragoon? It’s about this dude on a dragon who has to fly and stop this OTHER dragon and it’s totally fantastic. You should buy an old Saturn and then track down copies of all the games and play them because they are just that awesome. There’s a whole web forum with like, fifteen guys who think you’re the man for the job; so do not let us down!
Sincerely, xXxL4G1fan~4evaxXx
PS: the third game is like, 10 hours long, so you just have to film it just like the game plays and you have an instant trilogy – way better than that hobbit-elf crap last one you made!



You could always send the Saturn and all the games, and even offer a prettied up version of Panzer Dragoon Legacy (seriously, that’s some amazing work D-Unit) in fancy booklet form to describe the awesome setting more than the rather restricted plot of the games, since that’s actually the less interesting aspect of them (at least until Saga), as awesome as it still is. The history of the world and setting and the grand scheme of things that one would only find out after thoroughly playing the games are where the magic lies, at least for me. Of course, experiencing them slowly via the initially narrow point of view each character has is part of the magic too. How much is one willing to sacrifice for this :wink:

I’ve always thought that Panzer Dragoon Saga would make a badass movie :slight_smile:

Panzer Dragoon Saga would be the most ideal game in the series to turn into a film (or films) in my view. It has many of the elements that the film industry “requires” - a love story, a variety of characters, singular focus for most of the story (trying to find Craymen/the Tower), plenty of explosions. And it features a fairly “complete” ending, whereas Zwei depends on Saga to tell a complete story. And what a story it is… highly relevant in today’s environmentally troubled world.

One thing about Peter Jackson’s movies is that they all contain a common theme - they’re about escapism. So a Peter Jackson Panzer Dragoon movie wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.

As Windrider mentioned, T?m?raire is another movie that Peter Jackson may be involved with (although I don’t think he’s started work on it yet?). Peter Jackson holds the rights to make movies based on T?m?raire, which has a similar theme of centring on a dragon/rider pair. And of course, there’s Peter Jacksons involvement in The Hobbit films; another story that has a dragon as one of the main plot elements.

Peter Jackson was going to be involved in the production of a Halo movie, but it was put on hold indefinitely. He was also going to be involved in the creation of a new Halo ‘interactive project’ called Halo Chronicles, but it was cancelled. But this involvement, at least, shows that he has an interest in video games.

Obviously the man is going to be fairly busy, so if we were to submit the idea (I’m not even sure how you’d go about doing that), we’d want to be careful not to overwhelm him with information. Perhaps some interesting information about the setting and story taken from PD Legacy as Al3x suggested. Perhaps even some artwork or FMVs from the games on a DVD or on a website?

T?m?raire looks quite promising, the matter-of-fact treatment for the dragons is at least far preferable to yet another hero chosen by mythical beast scenario. It’s sort of between Dragonriders of Pern and the typical fantasy chaff in that respect. That said, I’ve been tired of classical fantasy representations for a long time. So whether it be McCaffrey’s world, or Panzer Dragoon, or something new… cinema needs some great genuine sci-fi dragons for a change.

EDIT: my apologies Al3xand3r, that was some really sloppy punctuation on my part! Please reread, of course I think PD is sci-fi.

The outlander had sci-fi dragons… Sort of… I would say Panzer Dragoon is as much sci-fi as fantasy also… It’s certainly not typical fantasy to dump it alongside other stuff, or even anything seen in movies honestly… Temeraire sounds unique, but I’m not sure how well they’ll make it. A dragon fighting in the Napoleonic Wars? It hopefully won’t be a mere special effects fest, as in, dragon battles every 5 minutes etc. If the special effects are subtle and to create atmosphere I’m fine with them (say, unique vistas you can’t even tell are made up, something a Panzer Dragoon movie would need a lot of).

Edit: Oh, right, I got it wrong at first. It sounded like you were saying this stuff is typical fantasy fare and you hope they’ll do something different, heh.

So, is it a go or no go?

The most deep story i’ve and i’ll ever know. Worths even more than a god damn hollywoodian movie.

I’m not going to discourage it or anything windrider, and I’ll happily lend my one voice to the choir if asked, but it’s not a crusade I have any reason to push for either. I honestly don’t know what else to say, if it’s worth a shot to enough people, as you said, why not? I guess…

I hate to say it but even if you could convince a filmmaker that it would be a good idea to make a movie of PD, it will probably never happen.
Because Sega still owns the intellectual property and they won’t give that away for free. The filmmaker would have to be a serious fan (like Guillermo del Toro was of Hellboy or Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings) if they are going to press the owners of the rights and a studio to get a movie made. Since Panzer Dragoon is a pretty dead property there’s no way any major studio is going to want to make it; it wouldn’t be profitable. And the studio is what has to be convinced.

Normally video game movies get made as a result of corporate meetings and the desision that a movie could be profitable for the game company while providing enough “instant fans” for the resulting film to be profitable no matter how bad it is.

Windrider, if you seriously want a PD movie to be made, you are probably going to have to be a driving creative force and then FIGHT to make it. Learning filmmaking, negotiating rights with Sega, finding a professional cast/crew, finding financial backers… It’s POSSIBLE but it is also SERIOUS WORK.

I don’t like touching old magic

I think i’m the only one here against a sequel/remake

Look at NiGHTS, everyone hammered on about that and what did we get? Disaster.

It wasn’t a complete disaster to be honest, it had some good parts. Who knows, if MORE people had shouted for it they’d have given it some more dev time, enough to polish the rough spots and make it a truly worthy sequel. Start shouting! Doesn’t affect the original!

doesn’t affect the original, but affects the series.

When people think of NiGHTS now they think of some flop game character with an annoying womans voice

Off topic: the tutorial annoyed me too. Why do games these days have long winded tutorials? A lot of the best games had near no sort of tutorial, you had to just figure it out yourself.

No, they don’t think that, because few actually bought it, many of those who bought it think the same thing I do, and it wasn’t reviewed so badly either.

Also, newsflash, most current gamers couldn’t care less for this sequel or, sadly, the original either, and subsequently this sequel even if it was AAA.