Panzer Dragoon Azel novel art (Update 4/24)

I recently came across a picture (below) that is a piece of art from the Panzer Dragoon Azel novel and thought I would share it.
I edited the picture slightly so that it would have a better perspective/angle of view from the original photo I found.

However if anyone actually owns the novel it would be appreciated if you could upload a scan of the picture instead of a picture.

I have edited the picture slightly to make it lighter and have posted a link for it now.

Edit #2
So I messed around a bit more with an editing tool and I’d like you guys to tell me if this second picture I worked on is better than the first one or not. Also if any of you want to try and edit the picture go for it.

Wow, that’s pretty nice. It would definitely be appreciated if someone could scan a it in high quality from the original source!

Ya, it looks really good. From what I could tell, it’s a combination of 3 other pictures which we have seen before, but also with the way Azel is drawn as original only to this drawing only.

Looks good. Please add it to the site (maybe under “Panzer Dragoon Saga Official Art - Ads and Posters”?) with a short news entry.

I don’t have a copy of the novel, unfortunately.

Ok that sucks. I was really hoping you had it, but hopefully someone here has it and is willing to upload it. I’ll upload this one along with another one that I edited. Also how do you add the links and what not to the post like you do?

Would you happen to have Orta novel and if so can you upload scans of the pictures in it?

I believe @Lagi_Webmaster had a copy of the Azel novel, but he hasn’t posted here for a long time.

I do own a copy of the Orta novel, but I don’t have scanner anymore. Currently @UrbanReflex has all of my Panzer books, for that reason. I’m not sure if it will be possible for him to help you out, but there’s no harm in asking. I think @Draikin has some of the books too, but I’m not sure which ones.

Sounds good. Also here is a link to the edited version of the image that I worked on.

Cool - yeah, the updated version of the image you made is a lot nicer than that one. Upload both if you want.

Also, I forgot to mention that you can format the news entries using Markdown. Refer to the site’s Markdown syntax guide.

I have finished uploading the images and writing the post.

Should it be Panzer Dragoon Azel Novel or Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG Novel? I’m not actually sure.

Just Panzer Dragoon Azel. Here is a picture of the cover for the book.

Cool, do you want to bundle that photo in with your news entry? It can go in “Product Pictures - Books”.

I’ve renamed the encyclopaedia entry to Panzer Dragoon Azel.

Also - do you have any other pictures of the Azel novel such the front cover? We should add them.

Ok, but are you sure that these 2 books are one in the same and not 2 separate ones. And could you please add the cover with the entry I have to take care of some errands at the moment.

Okay, done and published. I’m almost sure that they are same, it seems very unlikely that two novels would exist of such a rare game, but we have very little information to go on. We can correct the information later if need be.

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I like the second version of the picture that you made a it bit more than the first one.

The first version is darker, making the background features (such as the Ancient lines) stand out better.

Hi Everyone. I have this book and just happened to see this post today, so I have scanned this image in at 600dpi.

Hope it helps!


Dude, thanks. This looks so much better than what I posted.

Cool… It would be great to also have high quality scans of the front and back covers and any other illustrations in the book.