Panzer Dragoon Azel novel art (Update 4/24)


There aren’t too many pictures or illustrations worth it in the Azel Novel. Most of the images used are just black and white screenshots from the actual game. Not much to look at. I’d be happy to do a 300dpi of the front and back covers.

Japanese novels based on games can really be a hit or miss in terms of artwork. Some might not have any illustrations, and some artwork might end up being absolutely amazing, like the ones in the Genso Suikoden novels:



That sounds good.


Here you go!



Thanks @SkyeWelse. Could you please add these pictures to the site and write a short news entry announcing them? I’ve set you up with a log in.


The Azel novel scans are now published on the site.


Beautiful scans. I’m sure fans of the series will love them. We really appreciate you scanning these.


I have gone ahead and uploaded the scanned image Skye Welse provided us of the first picture I uploaded to the site. However, you will need to manually delete the “Edited” version that I made


Thanks, published.


I wish I could read this book