Panda Pr0n - LMFAO XD

A female panda named Hua Mei is pregnant after watching hours of videos showing other pandas mating.

It’s the latest use of so-called “panda porn” by authorities in China.

In February, Hua Mei was transferred from her birthplace at San Diego Zoo to a reserve in China. But keepers were afraid she hadn’t learned enough about mating to do so with her new male friends.

So Hua Mei, aged 4, was sent to the Wolong Panda Protection Centre in south-western China for several months of sex education lessons, which included watching hours of panda pornography.

They hoped the sex videos might put her in a lustful mood for one of many ‘blind dates’ she would encounter in their efforts to get her pregnant - and the videos paid off.

Chinese newspaper Beijing Chenbao reports Hua Mei is now pregnant.

What worries me is the fact that there is such a thing as panda porn o.0

The phrase you are least likely to hear is “I gotta get me some of that”.


I never say that unless I actually did.

i wonder if it had terrible acting and the typical soundtrack?

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I gotta get me some of that.


Slightly more serious here:

Do they have to show her how to take care of them? They have to train some animals, like gorilla mothers, how to take care of their babies because the only way they learn how to take care of them in the wild is by emulating what they see. Do they have to do anything similar with the pandas? I was wondering, since they have to show them how to have sex =/.