Other social sites/networks that you're a member of

Just for fun, I thought I’d make a topics for listing other community/social sites/forums/online networks that we frequently visit and post at.

Here goes my list. I lurk at most of these, only posting very occasionally.

Westeros (asoiaf.westeros.org). A site dedicated to the A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels series. I’m more of lurker here, but some of topics are quite interesting and in depth (lots of theories and well thought out arguments etc) if you’re a fan of this series.

Facebook (facebook.com). I don’t really like social networks that don’t have a theme to them, but I must admit that it’s handy having a central place to keep track of what people I know have been up to, especially if I don’t talk to them on a regular basis. So I’ve tried to stick to one, and Facebook seems to have the best user interface and the most people I know on it. I ignore most of the application notifications as most of them aren’t particularly useful, although it is a neat idea and there’s a lot of data there that could potentially be utilized for something useful.

Shining Force Central (forums.shiningforcecentral.com). I don’t post very often here, but it’s certainly the most in depth site and biggest community for anything related to the Shining Force games.

Boagworld (boagworld.com/forum). A site for web site developers and owners, with a great community forum for either getting help or just posting about creating and running websites. It goes alongside a regular podcast from the site’s owners.

Digg (digg.com). A social news site where all the news articles are submitted by the users and voted up and down so the articles with the most votes show up on the front page. I mainly browse this site because of the sheer number of articles that are posted on a wide variety of subjects (although focusing mainly on computing, tech, and gaming). I used to browse this site most days via the RSS feed, but I’ve cut back to just checking it occasionally because it tends to take up a lot of time. The comments section is a mixed experienced, although there are worthwhile comments if you don’t mind wading through a bunch of not so constructive comments.

I visit a few of those places (digg.com really) but I’m not actually a member. I have a myspace account but I don’t really use it other than keeping contact with 2 other people, not adding any other friends. I’m only registered in various game websites (kotaku.com gamefaqs.com) but I rarely post there also, and I visit places without logins (rockpapershotgun.com tigsource.com) more often than them. Also registered on various games’ official forums (basiliskgames.com irontowerstudio.com bit-blot.com). That’s it.

ive never really thrown myself into the digg thing, probably cos i know i’ll spend loads of time reading random articles =P

so… im not too active online anymore

this site, gamefaqs, facebook, and i need to get my chao site back up…

My LiveJournal

Other forums:
NiGHTS into Dreams forum
The Rue Mortuary (forums for the Canadian horror magazine Rue Morgue)
IMHOSTFU (mostly a bunch of former 3D Realms forum members)

DVD Aficionado - not really a social networking site per se but something I frequent?

Oh, I’m also on LibraryThing but have yet to add most of my books so far.

I am mostly a livejournal user myself nowadays.

I do have a Myspace just to keep in touch with old classmates, co-workers, etc. Even then I check rarely.

Question: Do you like having a hosted blog such a Live Journal, or would you prefer to have a privately hosted blog with your own domain, etc? Are there advantages of being part of a network of blogs such a Live Journal that would make it preferable?

i usually check out seganerds.com they have alot of news regarding

anything new about sega

I’m a member of Seganerds but I think it is a really bad forum and just spam relentlessley most of the time.

Also a memeber of neo-geo.com and segasaturn.co.uk